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Treatment of personal data

WWW.POWERPLANETONLINE.COM (LEASK S.L.) are very concerned about guaranteeing the security and protection of our client’s personal data. Minimum requirements established by law are, collection and treatment of the data will be done under low level security measurements that prevent data loss or unauthorized access amending the law of /1.999, of December 13. Protection of personal data, we inform you that all given personal data by order, purchase, subscription and newsletter, are been incorporated in a database that is property of LEASK S.L.U.., so we are able to send commercial discounts of related companies with a sectors of your interest.

You agree to receive information about products commercialized by LEASK S.L.U. or other companies chosen carefully by us, by giving WWW.POWERPLANETONLINE.COM your personal information, you understand that we can send publicity, these can be send in many manners, including automatic calling systems through telecommunication without any human intervention: SMS, MMS and email. We inform you that the data stored will not be released to other companies, unless otherwise stated, it will be necessary to fill in all the required field of the form and coupons on this website, if you fail to do so, LEASK S.L.U can decline your order.

At any given moment you can exercise the access, rectification, cancelation rights, or if you chose not to receive publicity you can use one of the following methods:

- Send a written letter to LEASK S.L.U(ref LOPD), C/ Alcántara en Nº 33, Totana (MURCIA), 30850 attaching a copy of your ID card or PASSPORT

- Send an email to with the issue LOPD and state your name, last name, client number, with the fraise I DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE PUBLICITY FROM WWW.POWERPLANETONLINE.COM and/or I DO NOT WANT RECEIVE PUBLICITY FROM OTHER COMPANIES.

If you have a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our wish is to serve you as deserved, and make your visits to WWW.POWERPLANETONLINE.COM as pleasant as possible.

LEASK, S.L.U. has the vocation of being an exemplary company and we attach great value to honesty and transparency, and we aspire to build solid and lasting relationships with our customers, based on trust and mutual interest. In accordance with this philosophy, the protection of your Personal Data is highly important to us, so that by the present policy of protection of Personal Data we inform you of how we collect and treat such data.

This Privacy Policy establishes the basis on which LEASK, S.L.U., (hereinafter, "we" or the "Person Responsible for Treatment") with address at C/ Peral nº 4, Polígono Industrial El Saladar, 30850 Totana (Murcia), CIF (Spanish VAT number): B73287740, registered in the Murcia Business Register, Volume 2065, on sheet 151, N4443, a company that currently operates in Spain, treats your Personal Data when you provide them during your experience through the web pages and (hereinafter, "the Web").

Likewise, we remind you that every time you provide us with information when using the Web or when we need to access any type of information which, due to its characteristics, allows us to identify you, such as your name and surname, e-mail, billing or shipping addresses, telephone number, type of device or credit or debit card number, etc. (hereinafter, "Personal Data"), whether to browse our Web, buy our products or make use of our Web services or features, you will be under the application of this Privacy Policy, along with our Web's Terms of Use and other in-force provisions referenced there. Therefore, you should review these texts to verify that you agree with them.

This Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use may be modified. It is your responsibility to read them periodically, since those that are in force at the time of use of the Web will be applicable.

Regarding distance selling, it is mandatory to provide certain personal information, as this information is necessary both to process and deliver your orders and to prepare your invoices. Such personal information is strictly confidential. Failure to provide such personal information would mean that the purchase-sale of the order could not be materialized.


1) We respect your privacy and your choices.

2) We ensure that privacy and security are present in everything we do.

3) We do not send you marketing communications unless you ask us to. You can change your mind at any time.

4) We never offer or sell your data.

5) We are committed to keeping your data safe and secure. This includes working only with trusted partners.

6) We promise to be open and transparent about how we use your data.

7) We do not use your data in ways we have not informed you of.

8) We respect your rights and always try to accommodate your requests in accordance with our own legal and operational responsibilities.

To learn more about our privacy practices, we set out below what types of Personal Data we may collect or keep, how we may use it, with whom we may share it, how we protect it, and how you may exercise your rights with respect to that data.

When you share your Personal Data with us or when we collect it, we use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy (the "Policy"). Please read this information carefully. Should you have any questions or concerns about your Personal Data, please contact us at


LEASK, S.L.U. with address at c/ Peral nº 4, Polígono Industrial El Saladar, 30850 Totana (Murcia), Spain, is responsible for the Personal Data you share with us. When we say "LEASK, S.L.U.", "we" or "our", we mean LEASK, S.L.U. LEASK, S.L.U. is responsible for the processing for the purposes of applicable data protection laws.


Personal Data refers to any information or data that can identify you directly (e.g., your name or surname) or indirectly (e.g., your national identity card or DNI). Personal Data includes information such as e-mail/private postal addresses/mobile phone, user names, profile images, personal preferences and purchasing habits, user-generated content, financial information and social assistance information, among others. It may also include unique numeric identifiers such as the IP address of your computer or the MAC address of your mobile device, as well as information we obtain through cookies.

This Policy covers all Personal Data collected and used by LEASK, S.L.U.


Remember that before you start using any of our services, you have to read this Policy, as well as the Terms of Use of the specific section about that service. In this section you can check if there are any particular conditions for its use, or if a specific processing for your Personal Data is required. The fact of not providing certain information indicated as required, may mean that it is not possible to manage your registration as a user or the use of certain features or services available through and

You hereby acknowledge that the Personal Data provided are true and accurate and you agree to notify any change or modification thereof, any loss or damage caused to the Website, to the Data Processors or to any third party through the communication of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information in the registration forms shall be the sole responsibility of the user.

4.1 What data do we collect from you?

LEASK, S.L.U. believes that you, the consumer, are the heart of what we do. We love to hear from you, learn about you, and create and deliver products you enjoy. Additionally, we know that many of you love talking to us. Because of this, there are many ways that you can share your Personal Data with us, and that we could collect.

We may collect or receive your data through our websites, forms, applications, devices or branded pages on social networks, among others. In some cases, you provide us with your Personal Data directly (for example, when you create an account, when you contact us, when you shop at our websites/applications or stores), in other cases we are the one who collect it (for example, using cookies to understand how you use our websites/apps) or, on other occasions, we receive your information from third parties.

You will find more details in the tables below with the following headings:

1) For what purposes may we use your Personal Data? This row explains what we may do with your Personal Data and the purposes for which we may collect it.

2) What is the legal basis for using your Personal Data? This row explains why we can use your Personal Data.

3) What Personal Data may we hold about you? This row explains what types of Personal Data of yours we can treat according to the scenario.

4) Where can your Personal Data be collected? This row explains what activity or scenario you are involved in when we use or collect your Personal Data. For example, if you make a purchase, register for a newsletter, or browse a website/application.

5) Who can access your Personal Data? This row explains which third parties outside LEASK, S.L.U. access your Personal Data as service providers of LEASK, S.L.U. and which data transmissions are carried out.

The legal basis for processing your Personal Data can be:

- Your consent;

- Our legitimate interest, which may be:

Realization of statistics: to help us better understand your needs and expectations and, therefore, improve our services, websites/applications/devices, products and brands.
Enable the operation of our website/applications through technical and functional cookies: keep our tools (websites/applications/devices) safe and secure and ensure that they function properly and continually improve.

Create profiles.

Offer you our Customer Service.

- The execution of a contract: to carry out the services you request from us;

- Fulfillment of legal obligations that entail a processing of Personal Data;

When we collect your Personal Data, we indicate the required fields through asterisks. Some of the data that we ask you for are necessary for:

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