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PowerPlanetOnline is a leader in the telephony and electronics industry, offering a wide catalogue of imported products. We are distributors of the main brands in Asia, like Doogee, Xiaomi, Meizu, Cubot, THL, SJCAM, and many more.

We are also Distributors of Action Cameras and Camera Accessories, Powerbank. Distributors of HUBSAND, SYMA, DJI brand Drones. In PowerPlanetOnline, more than 30 professionals with extensive experience work in the import and distribution of our products, so you only have to worry about choosing the ones that best suit your customers.

Wholesale Services

Our Wholesale Department is specialised in the personal service, building a link with our customers which guarantees the best treatment and relation. From advice on our products until the orders preparation and the warranty processes, due to the fact that PowerPlanetOnline has an Own Official Technical Service for brands like MEIZU, XIAOMI, DOOGEE, CUBOT, ELEPHONE, INEW, THL...


In PowerPlanetOnline we work day by day to offer you all the news in the Asian and International market, with the clear proposal of passing the market needs in a high-innovative and changeable sector. We consider us as a visionary company in the telephony and electronics sector. 

Advantages of working with us

Since April 1, 2015, a new investment case of the taxpayer came into force. In accordance with Spanish Law 28/2014 of November 27, amending the Spanish Law 37/1992 of December 28, about Value Added Tax (VAT), for which new rules of application of this Tax are established. This affects to: Game consoles, Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptops, when the destination is an entrepreneur or professional reseller of these goods.

This rule establishes the obligation to prove the entrepreneur or professional reseller status with previous or simultaneous character to the acquisition of these goods. In this case, the steps to follow to being beneficiary of the new investment case of the taxpayer, are the following ones:

While the certificates which accredit you as a reseller are not available in the Spanish Tax Agency, we need a photocopy of the 036 model, indicating the 513 box before March 31, 2015, so we can adapt our computer system and allow the sales under this new tax regime. However, it is essential to provide the Tax Agency's accreditation when it begins to issue them.

After registering in the Tax Administration, send the certificate to mayoristas@powerplanetonline.com Those companies or professionals who don't prove this certificate, will not be able to benefit from this new norm. VAT will be applied to your orders.

Once you are accredited as a professional, invoices will be sent without VAT.

For any doubt or clarification on this new measure, you can contact the Wholesale Department by the usual channels.

Purchase Terms and Conditions

Prices in the PVD catalogue are shown without VAT, which will be applied broken down at the end of the order.

The purchase process can be made only through the web, so orders by phone or email will not be accepted.

The different items availability is detailed in each product sheet. So, unless we make a mistake with this information or we suffer a stock break, Powerplanet reserves the right to not send until all items are available, according to the terms announced at the time of purchase.

In case a break or a outdated in our stock take place, the not-served items will be pending in a new order, which will be considered as paid (shipping charges included), but only when this items have an inminent entry date. If they have not, we will contact you to refund you the money. In any case, the customer can request the refund of the amount paid from the moment we confirm the stock shortage, without waiting any period. 

The delivery time for items with immediate availability is 24 hours, in orders formalized before 6 p.m. Outside these hours, we can not promise to provide this service.

The promotions and offers announced on the website will not apply to professional customers unless expressly stated otherwise.

Purchase Process

It is the usual shopping cart system. Add the products to your basket, select a payment method and a shipping type. Remember to check the availability of the different items, so we don't have to delay shipping.

The not-paid orders or without confirmed payment remain in a not-visible category. So any comment or punctuation you write on it can not be kept in mind if you haven't informed of the order existence to mayoristas@powerplanetonline.com In the same way, if you place an order outside the cut-off time (6 p.m.), and even if you have chosen the 24h delivery,  you must contact us with this same email, although the payment has been made with a credit or debit card.

If you choose the option "Collect in store" but the order is not previously paid, it will be necessary to inform about the order completion and when the collection will take place, in a maximum period of 48 hours. In this way, if there is any problem with your order, you can be informed before moving to our facilities.

Trade Margin

It does not exist a linear margin applicable to PVD rates. That is, there isn't a guaranteed margin between our sales prices to individuals and distributors. Our prices are updated constantly and directly on our website depending on the market.

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Dropshipping Terms and Conditions Powerplanetonline

With Powerplanetonline you have the possibility to serve your orders by dropshipping avoiding the cost of having stock of the material in your own warehouse. The client will only have to choose the shipping method Dropshipping Express and we will send your order with hidden sender and without invoice. Thanks to Dropshipping you will be able to send the material directly from our warehouse to your client.

Dropshipping shippings are made under the following conditions:

  • The customer will be responsible for ensuring that the information provided for shipping is correct.

  • In no case Powerplanetonline will take charge of the expenses derived from re-expeditions, returns, cancellations or any other reason originated by some error or errors of the client.

  • Any damage to the material during transportation has to be reported to Powerplanetonline within 12 hours of receipt of the material by the recipient of the shipment. No claims will be accepted after this period.

  • Powerplanetonline will only accept the warranty processing of the products shipped by dropshipping to its customer, i.e. to the distributor. Under no circumstances will the warranty processing be accepted with the recipient or end customer.

Apply a Bonus

You will receive the bonus code in the email you indicated during the registration. Then you only have to copy it in the field "add gift certificate" before completing the purchase process, and the amount automatically will be deducted.

It's not necessary that the value of the order exceeds the value of the bonus. The amount can be subtracted in different orders until it is consumed completely.

Shipping Charges

Orders are shipped via 24 Hours Nacex express with free shipping charge for those with 500€ and over, VAT included. Those with a lower value will have a charge of 8€ incl.

Wholesale Insurances

The option of insuring a device is not available for distributors, since this insurance must be made with the name of the final customer, and with the final price.

Payment Methods

  • Bank transfer.

    If you choose this payment method, you can send the receipt to mayoristas@powerplanetonline.com to accelerate the procedures. This method doesn't guarantee that the payment will be confirmed until the deposit has been effectived in our bank account.

    With this payment method, the reservation is not effective until the payment is done. So, please, for your own convenience, try to do the transfer within the shortest possible time.

  • Credit / Debit Card

    If you choose this payment method, it's not necessary to send any receipt because the paid is done instantaneously. There isn't any applied charge in these operations. In addition, this method has the advantage of accelerating refunds, since you don't have to provide us with your bank data or wait for processing deadlines between entities.


Warning: Items invoiced to companies are considered capital goods. The return right is only applicable to consumer goods.

Powerplanetonline, in its discretion, will be able to accept the commercial return requests only and exclusively of products with their original sealed packaging and in perfect conditions. The cost of returns will be paid by the client.

The return of the products has to be done once the after-sales service accepted it. Moreover, it must be accompanied by the form provided by the after-sales service, duly completed.

In any case, we won't accept returns once it has passed five days since the after-sales service has accepted it.

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