Are you one of those people who have a thousand doubts when it comes to buying a new phone? Are you unsure about which operating system to choose, Android or iOS? If none of them to convince you, it seems that very soon you will have a new option to opt for, as there's less time left for you to enjoy a Fuchsia Smartphone, the Google's OS that everyone talks about.

What is Fuchsia?

Fuchsia is an open source and free software operating system developed by Google.

Where will Fuchsia be used?

Fuchsia OS has been specially designed to operate in small devices, although everything points to that we will have both Fuchsia phones and Fuchsia tablets as well as Fuchsia PC and Fuchsia 2 in 1.

What is the difference between Fuchsia, Android and Chrome OS?

The biggest difference in Fuchsia is that it will be the first Google OS that will not use the Linux kernel. On this occasion, this new operating system will be based on "Magenta", also developed by Google itself. In this sense, Fuchsia is inspired by the best of Android and Chrome OS but it is not a simple update, but an operating system that starts from 0.

Fuchsia VS. Android

Is Fuchsia better than Android? It's too early to say, although Armadillo, Fuchsia's user interface, is not too far from what we're used to. Fuchsia's navigation will be completely vertical, with no horizontally arranged screens or drop-down settings. We will only be able to scroll up or down, with a kind of minimized windows that match the applications we have installed and have recently been used, and a list of suggestions at the end.

And ... what do you think? Are you ready to buy Fuchsia phones yet?

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