1. What is different about PowerPlanetOnline?

At PowerPlanetOnline we have extensive experience. Since 2004 we have developed our business vision successfully. So we know what we sell. We test, advise and look for the best prices on the products we offer.

We have a great team of professionals performing an excellent job by advising our customers on the purchase process, and solving their doubts and incidents related to all our products.

2. Yes, OK. But what else?

All prices in PowerPlanetOnline are closed and VAT is included.

  • 14-day returns.
  • 2-year warranties.
  • Transportation costs covered by warranty in case of breakdown.
  • Our own Technical Service.
  • Secure payment.

How can I purchase your products?

We have designed a very clear and simple purchase process: fill your basket, choose the payment method, confirm and you're done. Should you need advice, you can send an email to info@powerplanetonline.com

And how can I pay?

We have the main payment methods so you can choose the one you prefer:

  • Finance your purchase with Paga+Tarde
  • PayPal
  • Credit or debit card, through secure payment by La Caixa virtual POS.
  • Cash on delivery.

Paying by cash on delivery has a 5% commission and a minimum of €3.

3. Are my data safe?

Yes, completely safe. When you place your order, all transactions you make since then are made under a secure connection that guarantees the confidentiality of all your data. If you pay by credit card, all data is sent directly to the bank through a secure connection so that no one outside the bank will have access to such data. This way your data won't be stored in our database.

How can I make a return?

It is very simple: Contact us to process the return. Once accepted, you have to send us the product and we will refund the full amount.

4. I have a problem with my device and I don't know what to do

Don't worry. The best thing in this case is to remain calm, since most of the problems that affect android devices, such as Samsung, Sony or iOcean, for example, are usually software problems, because there are small malwares that may affect the behavior the device. How can you solve it? The best step is to reset factory settings (Settings> Backup> Reset default factory settings) and check if it has been fixed or if it has been a false alarm. In the event that the device remains the same, you will have to contact our Support department through the web form you can find here: soporte.powerplanetonline.net. Fill in all the data and within 24h an we will contact you to process your warranty or get some more information about the problem.

5. What does the availability section on the web mean?

Many of our products, especially Dual Sim devices, are from China so we have to import them from there to distribute them here. In each product page on the web, at the top of the purchase price you can see the item availability at that time. For example, "Shipping in 5 days" means that we do not currently have it in our facilities, but it will be available in 5 working days (as transport companies do not distribute weekends).

6. Does that mean that if I select Shipping in 5 days or 10 days and free delivery my order will arrive in 10 days?

No, availability is the time it takes the item to reach our facilities, and the transportation option selected during the purchase is the time the item takes from our facilities to your home. They are two different complementary time periods. For example, if we are following the example above, your order will reach your home within 20 or 15 days after making your purchase.

7. I would like to return the item purchased to change it or recover my money.

No problem! As dictated by the law, customers who buy from our website have the right to a 14 calendar-day period to decide whether they like the device or not and to return it without giving any explanations. As the law dictates, this process must be telematic (mail, management platform, etc ...), which is why it must be managed by our Support department, responsible for managing the entire after-sales service. You will only have to create an incidence in soporte.powerplanetonline.net

8. I have doubts about a particular item. Could you help me?

We are always glad to help you! We have a Customer Service department for that reason. You can ask your questions to info@powerplanetonline.com and we will solve it.

9. My order has not yet arrived and I would like to make a modification. How can I do it?

No problem. We will modify your order and add, remove or change what you want.

10. My order has already been shipped. When will it arrive?

Once the order has been shipped, we will notify the customer about the shipment and its future arrival at home. The arrival time depends on the transportation option selected. If, for example, you have selected the shipping 24/48h, you will receive your order either the next workable day or the day after that (Saturdays and Sundays do not count).

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