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Roborock, robots and vacuum cleaners with the best value for money

Roborock is one of the most prestigious brands in the Xiaomi ecosystem. Its vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums are already cleaning thousands of homes, leaving more time free to devote to the leisure of its users.

We find in its extensive catalogue vacuum cleaners of different colors and designs that are sure to be adapted to the needs of each person. Both in functionality and price.

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Roborock, the effortless cleaning of our home, with the highest quality and best price on the market

Roborock has become a must-have brand in our homes. Robot vacuum cleaners will help us keep our homes clean while we spend that time in leisure.

We can find a robot for each person, which suits our needs in terms of functionality and price. Roborock's wide range will allow us to find one that fits our needs.

Roborock's wide range will allow us to find one that suits what we need. If you are looking for the smartest Robot Vacuum that equates to faster and cleanability check out the Roborock S6 Pure or the newer Roborock S7.

It is undoubtedly one of the best known brands in terms of robot vacuum cleaners. The brand has become a benchmark in advanced cleaning devices.

High-precision laser navigation

The technology of the new vacuum cleaners will allow us to clean our homes with the greatest precision.

They are capable of creating maps of our home and we will be able to indicate at any time where we want to be cleaned.

The vacuuming robots are able to draw the most precise route in order to save as much energy as possible so that we can clean for longer.

Sensors for more efficient cleaning

The most advanced robots have a large number of sensors, such as accelerometers, compasses or infrared sensors with which you will be able to determine whether there are objects nearby, stairs or people.

Selective cleaning

For the new Roborock smart robots we could indicate forbidden areas so that these are not cleaned. This way, we can safeguard delicate objects that could be broken if the robot passes too close, or if it throws them away.

Quick and easy maintenance

One of the great advantages that Roborock robot vacuum cleaners offer us over the competition is the ease with which we can replace damaged parts. Careful maintenance of our vacuum cleaner and the proper replacement of filters and accessories will extend the life of your vacuum cleaner.

Cordless and bagless vacuum cleaners

Roborock also provides us with cordless vacuum cleaners with great autonomy and suction capacity.

With great suction power, Roborock cordless vacuum cleaners will allow us to clean our fires in a very short time.

Control via our smartphone

Roborock Robots can be controlled from our mobile phone.

Through its application, we can know the route that the device follows through our home, and we can also find out if there are any obstacles in the home that make cleaning difficult.

It is one of the brands that offers the most options through its application, a total connectivity with which we can get the most out of the vacuum cleaner even when we are not in our home.

Roborock comfortable cleaning at unbeatable prices

Roborock has become the reference brand for vacuuming robots. Its high technology and great value for money, have made these robots the maximum allies in the cleaning of thousands of homes.

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