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Dreame, vacuum cleaners with the latest technology and at the best prices

Dreame, the vacuum cleaner brand of the Xiaomi ecosystem, has launched a large number of vacuum cleaners that feature the latest innovations in suction, lightness and comfort.

Its vacuum cleaners are designed to ensure the most comfortable and fastest cleaning possible.

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Dreame, suction capacity, independence and ergonomic design

Dreame is the specialist brand in stick vacuum cleaners of the Xiaomi ecosystem. Dreame has thought of every detail to make cleaning our home a simple, fast and comfortable task.

Its cordless and bagless vacuum cleaners have been designed with a high suction capacity, to clean any surface in a very short time and with the greatest effectiveness.

Among its most popular models we find the Dreame V11 model, a revolution in quality and price, or the newest Dreame T20.

Cordless and bagless

Dreame vacuum cleaners are designed to be cordless and bagless. Thus, we can move with total comfort in all the rooms of the house. They are ideal for cleaning those areas that are difficult to access.

Its low weight and easy maneuverability will allow us to move through every corner of the house with great ease.

Battery life for the whole house

Dreame vacuum cleaners incorporate high efficiency batteries that are able to extend the battery life for a long time so they can clean the whole house. They have several modes of use such as ECO mode or a Maximum Power mode that considerably increases suction for places where dirt is more encrusted.

Various heads for all types of surfaces

Vacuum cleaners have different cleaning heads in order to clean any surface as effectively as possible. 

We find for example, heads for mite cleaning, soft roller cleaning, or flat heads.

Everything you need to leave no trace of dirt on any surfaces.

Ergonomic vacuum cleaners and noise reduction

Dreame has thought of everything and its vacuum cleaners have noise reduction. Its low noise will allow us to clean our house without suffering the discomfort caused by loud vacuum cleaners that annoy us when we use them for a long time.

In addition, they have been designed to ensure a correct and comfortable grip. They are one of the vacuum cleaners with better ergonomics of the market. This, together with its low weight, makes it possible for you to finish your tasks without suffering back pain.

Dreame, the vacuum cleaners with the best price-quality ratio in the market

Dreame is one of the best vacuum cleaner brands on the market. Designed to guarantee the most comfortable cleaning on all surfaces.

Quality with the best price at Powerplanetonline.

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