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Teleworking, all the necessary products at the best price

Teleworking is here to stay, so we need a whole range of products that will help us achieve maximum productivity when we are working from home.

Everything you need, with a three-year warranty and urgent delivery within 24 hours from Spain at Powerplantonline.

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All products needed to work from home with delivery within 24 hours

As telework becomes more popular, it is more important than ever to have the necessary equipment at home to achieve maximum productivity.

Taking advantage of working from home requires having the best, most powerful and robust products to work in perfect cooperation with our colleagues.

Laptop computers, essential in this new way of working

Laptops have become the indispensable tool for teleworking. Given its power, ease of transport and connection possibilities it is a must-have when we start working from home.

Laptops or notebooks are perfect to take to the office and back home and continue working with the same computer. A great comfort that we can now get at a very low price.

Webcams, high quality video and sound

Webcams are another indispensable element when it comes to teleworking.

Meetings and presentations with our colleagues, clients, or people close to the business are frequent. To do this, having a camera that provides us with the best image and sound is essential.

At present we can find a wide catalogue of webcams that will surely adapt to our needs in terms of video quality and price.

Tablets, power to carry out any activity

The evolution of tablets in recent years has meant that many people, because of their work, see them as the perfect replacement for laptops.

The power of the latest models, together with accessories such as keyboards, their low weight and size, and the ease of navigation they offer have led many workers to opt for a tablet for their day-to-day work.

Monitors, wide range of sizes, high-quality image

Monitors are the perfect ally for our laptops. If we connect a screen to a laptop we will get a spectacular work centre.

We will be able to carry out all tasks with the comfort of having two screens.

If we choose a large size, we are sure that our productivity will increase greatly.

Mini PC, ideal to take anywhere

With the mini pcs we will be able to easily take processing power anywhere.

Ideal for going to our work centre, connecting to a screen, going home and working on the same computer again.

The drop in price and the increase in power have increased the sales of these devices in recent years.

Keyboards, mice, and printers

For efficient teleworking it is essential to have a keyboard, a mouse and even a printer. Nowadays, for very little money we can find all the peripherals we need to work from home.

All the products needed for teleworking in Powerplanetonline

All the products we need to work from home with the best prices on the market in Powerplanetonline. We have the widest selection, with a 3 year warranty and our own repair service.

In addition, given the importance of having the products as soon as possible at home, all products are sent from Spain, with delivery in 24 hours.

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