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Satellite and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) receivers have revolutionised the world of television, because what was intended to be a conventional IPTV receiver has ended up being the most widely used device in homes all over the world. It is also expected that this will go even further, because all televisions will use this type of receiver via streaming through a Wi-Fi network in the not too distant future.

The change will be such that the television will no longer broadcast programmed content, but rather the customer will choose the television content on demand, i.e. it will be a more interactive experience.

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IPTV with Internet connection

The content is based on both traditional channels and more specific audiovisual content on a given topic, so that the customer can select the content of their choice regardless of who produces the content.

The aim is none other than to personalise the content through a TV/IPTV receiver. This allows the development of pay-per-view.

The user has a device connected to their computer whose function is to add a "computer layer" to the TV, and through a guide they can select the content they want to watch or access the content they have selected from other tools such as social media.

Optionally, the connected device also has the ability to store content, so you can view it even when you are offline.

It is often supplied together with an Internet connection service, provided by a broadband operator over the same infrastructure but with reserved bandwidth. In short: a pay-TV service that transmits the signal over copper (ADSL) or fibre optics (FFTH), but through a closed circuit owned by the operators. Its great advantage is that, compared to Online TV, it will not suffer cuts. It can be watched in the same way as cable or satellite pay TV.

Advantages of IPTV receivers

Companies will improve the content currently offered by IPTV. How? By offering a greater number of channels with a higher bandwidth. There are already devices that perform these functions, such as the QVIART OTT IPTV Satellite Receiver. Although in 2009 it was estimated that 10% of the population would have an IPTV receiver at home, the fact is that there is still much to do and innovate, and as this innovation grows, the demand for TV/IPTV receivers will increase. We will be able to watch whenever we want the films or programmes we like, and we will watch only what we choose to watch. It will be "on-demand" television tailored completely to the taste of each viewer.

Among the advantages offered by TV/IPTV receivers, we can find:

  • Access to multiple channels, both specialised and general.
  • With the IPTV receiver and an Internet connection, we will be able to enjoy our favourite programmes on demand.
  • No expensive installations. We will not have to depend on a technical service or endless installations, as the TV/IPTV receiver is very easy to install.
  • You can take it anywhere, as we can install our receiver wherever we want as long as there is an Internet connection, and continue to enjoy our favourite channels and movies.

If the prediction comes true, soon every home will have a TV/IPTV receiver for the enjoyment and entertainment of the whole family, as long as there is an Internet connection. However, who knows, it may not be necessary to connect to the world's most famous network.

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