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Android TV Box

Android TV Box

The best Android TV on the market in Powerplanetonline, to enjoy your favorite apps on your TV. Who said that TV is just for zapping? Now you can turn your TV into a Smart TV.

Android TVs allow us to have all the multimedia content on any television, regardless of the age of our television

If you buy Android Tv at Powerplanetonline you will have 24-hour shipping and a 3-year warranty..

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What is an Android TV?

An Android TV or TV Box is a device that connects to your old TV to turn it into a smart TV. You can install the Apps you want, such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime and enjoy the content in streaming.

Or, if you prefer, most of them allow you to plug in a USB stick or external hard drive to view or play local files. You can also download your Android games there, just like a smartphone, and turn it into a small console.

What can I install on it?

Both on Android and Windows you can install the best apps such as Kodi (only available in some models) with its multitude of adds-on that will take your media center to the next level, Splive to enjoy the best online TV in the world or NETFLIX to simply enjoy the best series and movies online.You can also download Splive to enjoy the world's best online TV.

But there are even more surprises, you can install all the Apps you use on your smartphone or tablet as Spotify, Chrome, Tunein Radio, etc.. and many games in both Android and Windows - great enjoyment. We know that your television will never be the same.

Types of Android TV

Now we will have to choose one of the Android TV types that suits our needs. To do this you should take into account the budget you want to spend as well as the space you want or can occupy. We detail it below:

  • Set Top Box (STB) or TV Box: These are available in different sizes and, although they take up more than a TV stick, they are usually quite small and compact. With these models we will have many connectivity and expansion options. They use their own power supply and HDMI cable to connect to the TV (both included in the pack) although a USB HUB is not necessary to connect the hard drives. Generally, the WIFI signal is better in this AndroidPc format, as they usually feature a larger antenna. They have a slightly higher price due to their better finish and connection possibilities.
  • TV Stick: If you have a small budget and limited space at home, the best option for you is to buy TV Stick. The functionality is the same, except that they are similar to a flash drive in appearance and size, although the number of connections is limited compared to a TV Box. However, they are cheap and have low power consumption, and connect directly to the HDMI port on the monitor or TV. They usually have a MicroSD memory card slot and a couple of USB ports. The TV Stick is powered by a USB cable, which connects to the monitor itself or to a mobile phone charger. On the other hand, if we want to connect an external hard disk we will need to do so by means of a USB HUB connected to the power supply, as the power requirements of mechanical hard disks are high.

Choose Android TV

Although we have already decided on the most important parts, there are many more things you should consider when choosing an Android TV that will suit what you are looking for and what you want to do with it. We continue to tell you the things to consider when choosing:

  • Consider the level of power you will need to choose the right RAM capacity and the right processor. This way, if you want enough fluidity to browse or watch movies, we recommend one with 2GB of RAM or more and a Quad Core processor or higher.
  • The processor should also be checked to see whether it supports 4K decoding.
  • Now consider the number and weight of the apps you are going to install to choose the amount of internal memory you want. 
  • Hard drive support is also important if you are going to play local content. Most TV boxes have it. However, to connect to a TV Stick you will need to do so via a powered USB HUB as explained above.
  • Codecs on an Android TV are also very important, especially when it comes to knowing what resolutions they are capable of playing. If you're looking for 4K quality at 60fps, you'll need H.265 or VP9 codecs, such as the M9S K5 4K 1GB/8GB. If these codecs are not integrated but do have H.264, your TV box will probably decode 4k video at 30fps.
  • Do you want an Android PC with Bluetooth? Well, you'll also have to keep an eye on this because not all models integrate it. Bluetooth is especially useful to connect a Bluetooth remote and play with it your favourite Android games or Bluetooth keyboard and take advantage of all its utility working with Libre Office.
  • If you want it to play streaming content, it should also feature WIFI connectivity. There are two types: with a WIFI band or dual-band WIFi. These have both 2.4GHz WIFI band and 5GHz WIFI band and generally offer us a better connection to the network, with greater stability and speed.
  • You may also be interested in having Mirroring. This way, what you play on your smartphone can be shared on your TV or monitor screen.
  • Other specifications to take into account when choosing a TV Box are the type of built-in connections (USB ports, LAN connection, audio and video outputs, etc.), different audio systems support or system security.

Best Android TV 2021

Now that you are familiar with the basics, here is a selection of the best 2021 models.

Xiaomi brings us two options, both of which are among the best-selling Android TV devices on the market. We find the Xiaomi Mi Box S, and the Xiaomi Mi Stick Tv. Two of the best depending on our needs. In terms of size, features and price, we will find between these two devices one that suits what we are looking for.

Tanix is one of the brands that continues to be one of the strongest in terms of Android TV. All their devices ensure full compatibility with all streaming platforms. The compatibility offered by the brand, together with its adjusted prices have made Tanix one of the best-selling Android TV brands of the moment.

In terms of price and performance, Mxq is also one of the brands that offers the most for the least money. With 4K quality and great connectivity, it is currently one of the best valued and best selling brands.

When it comes to good quality devices, Beelink is one of the most highly rated brands. This brand offers voice-controlled devices. In addition to their great connectivity and compatibility with the main video streaming platforms, the quality with which they are manufactured and the design make the difference.

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