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TVs, Smart TV, 4K, QLED, UHD

TVs, Smart TV, 4K, QLED, UHD

Cheap TVs to enjoy the cinema and the series with the best quality of image and sound. The main brands and models with delivery in 24 hours. An extensive catalogue in which to find a television that adapts to your needs and budget.

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Smart TV

TVs, Smart TV with incredible prices in our wide catalogue

Smart TVs have become a necessary part of our homes. Platforms like Netflix or Hbo, have changed the way our TVs are used, making a Smart TV essential for maximum entertainment.

In addition to the improvement in image and sound quality, connectivity has been a revolution that allows us to perform tasks as if it were a computer.

Video and music on demand consumption

The consumption of video on demand, or the playback of music on platforms such as Spotify have given another dimension to our televisions, being today, one of the most used devices to browse the internet.

In our catalogue we will find cheap televisions that can be used in different rooms of our house. It is increasingly common to have a screen in the kitchen, or in the children's room. At Powerplanetonline we have televisions from just over 150 euros with which we can enjoy DTT.

4K exceptional image quality

The current quality of the screens is exceptional, reaching 4K resolution, with surprisingly sharp and vivid colors. These more advanced televisions will provide us with the best possible audiovisual experience, an enjoyment of the senses in our own home.

The main brands of televisions on the market are developing 8K technology although this technology has not yet reached the market with popular prices and accessible to the general public.

Smart TV, essential in our days

Smart TVs have become an indispensable element in our homes. With the popularization of multimedia content platforms such as Netflix, Hbo, or Amazon Prime Video, the TVs with applications have become a must-have.

The consumption of this type of video on demand has made smart tvs have this possibility, indispensable when we buy a new television.

Android TV a solution to transform our conventional TV

A solution for devices without Smart TV is Android TV, we will be able to turn our conventional TV into a smart TV with which we will be able to perform the same functions. We will be able to have a media center in which to install applications such as Youtube, Netflix, or Kodi, a center of entertainment and fun on any TV.

Projectors, a new possibility.

Also at Powerplanetonline we have a wide selection of projectors, a substitute for our televisions that will allow us to enjoy the best cinema and series with high quality and size. We can also use it to connect our computer and enjoy all its possibilities.

Xiaomi's TV, the highest connectivity

One of the latest brands to join TV manufacturing is Xiaomi, the 55-inch Xiaomi TV stands out for its spectacular image quality, but it is also one of the most connectable TVs. We can easily connect any type of device. It is one of the most advanced devices of the moment with a tight price. And now we can watch Netflix, or Amazon Prime natively.

Samsung TVs

Samsung is now possibly the most reputable brand at the moment. Samsung TVs are among the best selling of all brands. 

The quality of its image, durability, and competitive prices have made the brand one of the most valued by consumers. We can find models of 32, 43, or 55 inches with the best value for money on the market.

The best brands and models at Powerplanetonline

At Powerplanetonline we have a wide range of cheap televisions, with connectivity, Smart TV, high resolution and image quality. All the brands and models needed for the most demanding users in the market.

Cheap TVs

At present we find a large number of cheap televisions and from just over 100 euros. The best deals in televisions on the internet.

Smart TVs, we can enjoy the best series and movies on platforms such as Netflix, Hbo, or Amazon. The best fun with very competitive prices and at the reach of any pocket. The new televisions of 24, or 32 inches could be found at prices around the 150 euros

What's the best brand of TVs?

Nowadays Samsung is one of the brands with the highest sales volume and searches on the net, its tvs have become a reference in the sector. For quality of image, sound and aesthetics it is possibly the reference brand in this sector.

65 inches, the new standard measurement

If a few years ago, 55-inch televisions were the best-selling TVs, and the ones that could be seen in most homes, now, today, 65-inch televisions are the most sought-after by consumers. A new standard that has improved with technology, offering us spectacular viewing quality with a larger size.

It is becoming easier and easier for us to have our own home cinema. With a large size, the highest quality viewing and sound.

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