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SSD Drives

SSD Drives, variety, the best price and shipping within 24 hours

SSDs have become the best alternative to store all our files, whether they are personal, such as photographs, or work files.

A fast and secure drive is of great importance to save all our personal information. But it is of vital importance to have a secure drive in the work environment.

Great selection with the best prices on the market. Shipping within 24 hours.

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Extermal and internal SSD Drives, extensive catalogue

Ssd drives are the fastest and most reliable drives on the market. They are also called solid state drives due to the absence of moving parts. These storage drives provide us with a higher reading speed, but also ensure greater durability.

With the arrival of Ssd drives, a small revolution in the performance of all computers took place. A higher reading speed helped to achieve faster computers.

Capacity, their weak point

Early Ssd achieved greater durability and speed, but the capacity was their weak point. Nowadays, we have 1Tb capacity drives for around €100, an affordable price to improve the performance of our computer, or to obtain high-speed external storage.

The first Ssd only had 1 bit of information per cell, nowadays we find up to 3 bits, thus achieving three times more information capacity in the same size, reducing its size, or increasing the capacity in the same size.

Advantages of the SSD drives

The advantages are manifold. As it is a solid state drive and stores all the information in the same cells, access to the information is much faster. With the first drives, the head had to go to where the information was in order to read it, now access is immediate.

In addition, as there are no moving parts, noise is insignificant. The disk collects the information with hardly any sound.

Laptops are one of the devices that have benefited the most from the arrival of these new faster drives. Given their smaller size and the need for optimal performance of all their components in the smallest possible space, mobile devices have taken advantage of new technologies, making a great leap in quality and improving their performance.


Their higher speed is ideal in domestic environments, but when it comes to business environments, they can be a huge time saver for the company. When calculated over the course of the year, and taking into account all employees, the savings in terms of time and money can be very large.


Durability is one of the great advantages over HDD hard drives. As there are no moving parts, they suffer less wear and tear, and therefore, their useful lifespan is longer.

Much of the information we store on our SSD is of great importance. If we use them for personal information, there are types of files that can have great sentimental value such as photographs. The archiving of photos is common on all devices, and it is also common for them to be lost due to disk failure. With Ssd drives our information will be more secure, with failures being less common than with traditional drives.

But when it comes to storing information and files in the work environment, it is even more important to have a safe drive. A loss of data in the productive environment can mean a great loss of money and time.

Shipping from Spain within 24 hours.

In Powerplanetonline all shipments are from Spain, with a 3 year warranty and delivery within 24 hours. Buy with the greatest confidence, the best service, and with the best prices.

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