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Limited promotions

Blink you miss out! 
All promotions are limited in time or units, so don't think about it too much and take advantage of your current prices on the web. Thousands of products are always on sale and in stock so that in less than 24 hours you can enjoy your purchase. Can you imagine something better? Well, we have more! 
We are always up to date and we are the first to bring the products of the most desired brands. Being the first is our priority!
We have prepared the best technology offers with shipping from Spain and a 3-year guarantee with unbeatable prices.´But we also have special campaigns for the whole family! Back to school has never been so much fun with Powerplanetonline.

Special offers

Save on your purchases throughout the year! 
In addition to the sales, we have a period of the year in which we launch incredible offers on the market so that you can make unique gifts or indulge yourself after working so hard. That's what you work for!
At Powerplanetonline we want you to make unforgettable gifts on special days for the family, that's why we have a selection of Father's Day gifts and original gifts for Mother's Day to show your relatives how much you appreciate them. But we don't just think about family, singles day is one of our most special days! Give yourself the gift you want so much, don't wait for anyone!
At Powerplanetonline we are clear that giving a gift is a pleasure, both for the gift giver and for who receives it, a smile of happiness and eternal gratitude is ideal for Valentine's Day. If you are looking for different gifts and run away from the teddy bear with a heart, at Powerplanetonline every year we make a selection of original gifts for Valentine's Day. It will be brutal!
Summer brings many things, beach, pool, trips and also at Powerplanetonline we always launch into the summer season with some very refreshing offers, the summer special offers will help you escape the heat with some promotions that although they will not transport you to the Caribbean, they will make you smile.

Christmas Gifts and Black Friday

At Powerplanetonline we are clear that Christmas is very, very special, full of magic, lights and happiness but above all, we are clear that Christmas gifts are the best. That is why for both Three Kings Day and Christmas Day with Santa Claus,  We make promotions that are loved by children to grandparents. You can also enjoy an extended return period in case the pink colour is not your cousin's favourite.
If you are one of those who likes to anticipate Christmas shopping, Black Friday will become your favourite time of the year, not even kings, birthdays, the day of the bargains is in November, the last Friday of November to be exact. Black Friday deals on technology in the most famous brands and on the most desired products.
Don't miss out on Black Friday bargains!

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