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Smartwatch and Smartbands

Smartwatch and Smartbands

Check out our wide range of smartwatches and smartbands that help you monitor your health and sport activity. The best smartwatch brands and the best prices! Also find all kinds of accessories for your favourite wearable, from straps and screen protectors to chargers.

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Smartwatches and Smartbands, the largest range on the market with the best price

Smartwatches and smartbands have become technological products with an exponential growth in demand over the last few years. They are used mainly to measure our sport performance and to monitor certain aspects of our health, although their functionality is much broader. We'll give you all the details below!

Smartwatches of all brands, prices and ranges

We know that you may feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a smartwatch given the wide range that currently exists, but you'll see that it's not so hard because each one adapts to a different type of person. In fact, in our catalogue you can find classic watches, smartwatches with a rectangular design, ultra-light wearables, robust smartwatches, cheap smartwatches, high-end watches, watches with GPS, with 4G connectivity... and a long etcetera.

We also have smartwatches from top brands such as Amazfit, Garmin, Fitbit, LEMFO, Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple. But there are many more!


On the other hand, smartbands have the same main features as a smartwatch, so they are an interesting alternative if ouyr wrist is too small or if we are bothered by watches that are too big. Their small size makes them much more comfortable to wear. In addition, they are usually cheaper than smartwatches. You can also find the leading smartband brands in our catalogue.

All the accessories for smartwatches and smartbands: straps, protectors and chargers

Finally, at Powerplanetonline we are known for always bringing you the best accessories for smartwatches and smartbands, such as straps, protectors and chargers, helping you to keep your smartwatch up to date and protected.

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