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Smartwatch IWO

IWO smartwatches offer full functionality and amazing designs at a super budget price.

At Powerplanetonline we have a wide selection of IWO smartwatch models, check them all out below!

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IWO smartwatch catalogue, cheap smartwatches packed with functionality

IWO is a technology brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of affordable smartwatches packed with functionality and incredible design.

In fact, IWO is an acronym for I Worth Optimum, or in other words: "I deserve the best". Want to know how? Well, read on, we'll tell you here on Powerplanetonline.

Highlights of the IWO smartwatch

IWO smartwatches make a healthy lifestyle appealing and motivating, helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals through innovative optical sensors.

All feature stylish Apple Watch-inspired designs at super-budget prices.

IWO watches aim to empower and inspire you to take care of different aspects of your health, as well as to stay connected. In fact, all IWO models, although different, share a number of advanced features.

Which IWO smartwatch to buy?

Whichever one you choose, if you decide to buy an IWO smartwatch, you'll be choosing a watch that's incredible value for money. And, as we've already mentioned, they all perform the essential tasks of a wearable device:

  • 1º - Sport performance tracking.
  • 2º - Health monitoring.
  • 3º - Call alerts and incoming notifications on our smartphone.

However, we now turn to the specific features of IWO's two latest launches: IWO HW56 Plus and IWO HW37.

For starters, the new IWO HW56 Plus smartwatch is really similar to the Apple Watch Series 6, and includes a 1.77-inch rectangular IPS display, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, oxygen saturation sensor (SpO2), sleep tracking, multiple sport modes and wireless charging support - but there's so much more! Click on them to find out why you should buy the IWO HW56 Plus at Powerplanetonline.

On the other hand, the IWO HW37, a clone of the Apple Watch Series 7, is very similar to the IWO HW56 Plus, although it now has a more resistant display and glucose level test. The 1.77-inch rectangular IPS display, 13 sport modes and heart rate and oxygen saturation sensors remain.

Choose your favourite model and enjoy it now!

What is the price of the smartwatch IWO?

If you've decided to buy a budget smartwatch, you'll want to know how much IWO smartwatches cost. However, as with other brands, this will depend on the model, the memory configuration and/or the colour you choose.

In any case, all IWO watches are great value for money. While the cheapest IWO smartwatch is the HW56 Plus, priced at around €25, the most expensive IWO watch is the IWO 13, priced at under €45.

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