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Smartwatch catalogue - Wide range of the best brands and models

Smartwatches have quickly become an essential device for us. And, as well as being a fashion accessory, they are the perfect tool both for measuring our health and our sport performance and for keeping us connected. At Powerplanetonline we have a wide range of watches of all brands, designs and features, so that you can easily buy a smartwatch that suits you. Don't miss them!

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What is a smartwatch?

Let's start by answering the most important question: what is a smartwatch? Well, it is a strap or "wearable" device that connects via Bluetooth to our smartphone and fulfils 3 main functions:

  • 1 - Sport performance tracking.
  • 2 - Health monitoring.
  • 3 - Alerts of incoming calls and notifications on our smartphone.

These three are also divided into other more specific functions, and are the ones that will designate the differences between the cheapest smartwatches and the smartwatches with the best features. Do you want to know more? Then read on, we'll tell you all about it below! Here, at Powerplanetonline.

Sport performance tracking

Without a doubt, tracking sport performance is a smartwatch's main task. They make us feel motivated to achieve our goals by tracking our fitness records in real time, showing us everything from distance and speed to heart rate and burned calories. To perform these measurements, smartwatches usually have either a pedometer or an accelerometer (sometimes both) supported by software algorithms. Depending on the price range of the watch, these will be more or less accurate.

And here's the first thing to pay attention to when you choose a smartwatch: the sport modes included. These will make the measurements more accurate and, of course, adapted to the activity you are going to do. For example, for an outdoor run, we will need to know the mileage covered, but this will not be necessary if we are doing bodybuilding exercises.

Another thing to consider when you buy a smartwatch is if you are going to use it specifically for outdoor sports, such as running or cycling, because then you may need a watch with GPS. This way, the device will keep an accurate record of your route.

Health monitoring

The second most important function of a smartwatch, closely linked to the first, is health monitoring. Through their biometric sensors, most current smartwatches monitor our heart rate throughout the day. This way, in addition to being able to control possible heart diseases, the smartwatch will accurately measure certain sports indices, such as calorie burn or active zones, allowing us to adapt and optimise our training sessions accordingly.

Today's smartwatches, regardless of their quality or price range, also often measure our blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2), give us alerts after a long sedentary period, remind us when to hydrate, and record our sleep hours to let us know the duration and quality of our rest.

Although this feature is less common, it is true that more and more smartwatches are adopting it: the monitoring of our stress levels, which is often accompanied by interesting breathing exercises to help us relax; as well as detailed control of the menstrual cycle and ovulation. In addition, some high-end watches are also equipped with an ECG sensor to analyse the heart's electrical impulses and generate electrocardiograms, like the Apple Watch, for example, and even a thermometer.

Analysing the data via the mobile application

What do I do with all this data if I don't know how to analyse it? Well, smartwatches have Bluetooth technology so that we can connect them to our phone. In fact, this is absolutely essential both to configure the watch and to enjoy certain functions.

The first thing you need to do is download the mobile application recommended by the manufacturer and, later, with Bluetooth activated, link the two devices. This way, the watch will collect all the health and fitness data throughout the day and, when the connection between the watch and the smartphone is established, this data will be "turned over" to the app, which will analyse it, provide information about it and offer easy-to-read graphs.

Of course, the functionality of the app, as well as the accuracy of the data, the level of detail of the information provided and the personalised advice will be determined by our smartwatch's quality range. Furthermore, this data is intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. It is not intended to be used for the detection, diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition or disease. Consult a health professional for advice.

Alerts for calls, messages and notifications and compatibility with smartphones

But data analysis is not the only advantage of connecting our smartwatch with our smartphone: another of the fundamental features of a smartwatch is the alert of incoming calls, messages and notifications on our phone. In most cases we will be able to see who is calling us, reject the call and even read the messages. On the other hand, some smartwatches include a speaker and a microphone to make or answer Bluetooth calls from the watch itself, as is the case with the IWO HW56.

It is also often possible to control music playback and the camera on your phone remotely, as well as to find your phone when you don't know where it is.

Of course, before you choose a smartwatch you should be very clear about its compatibility with your smartphone. Although all smartwatches tend to be compatible with both Android and iOS, some features may be limited to the latter, while Apple Watches are only compatible with iPhones.

Smartwatches that work as phones

On the other hand, some smartwatches have Google's Wear OS operating system, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 or the Vastking Fit M3, which will allow us to download and use our favourite applications in the watch itself, from music players to Google Fit or Strava.

If we add to this the 4G connectivity of some models, we will also be able to make calls, use applications and navigate from our smartwatch wherever we are, and do so independently.

But if we are talking about independence, we have to mention smartwatches that work as phones. An example of this is the Ticwris Max S, with a quad-core processor, 4G connectivity, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of memory, a 2.4-inch screen, front and side camera and Android 7.1.1.

Of course, all smartwatches include practical features to help us in our day-to-day lives, from information on the weather forecast to setting alarms, a stopwatch, a timer and a calculator, among others.

Design and water resistance

Leaving aside the more functional aspects, we now turn to the physical aspects, starting with the most obvious one: the design. There are many different types: ultra-light, thin, robust, elegant, sporty, with a metal body, made of plastic... The conclusion is that there is a smartwatch for everyone, regardless of our style or the size of our wrist.

What you should be clear about when you buy a smartwatch is the shape of the bezel. We highlight mainly 2 styles, each with its advantages:

  • Round bezel: it looks closer to a classic watch.
  • Rectangular bezel: navigation of the display is much more comfortable and more information can be displayed at a glance.

Regardless of the shape, almost all smartwatches are water resistant. The most common certifications are IP68 and 5 ATM. You'll need to follow the brand's instructions, but IP68 will generally set the limit at hand washing and rain splashes, while 5 ATM (5 atmospheres) watches are submersible and incorporate the "Swimming" sport mode. In any case, it is advisable not to immerse the watch in salt water, chlorinated water, hot water and/or other liquids that may be corrosive, as well as sweat, which may affect its water resistance. For proper maintenance, if the device comes into contact with these products, it should be cleaned immediately with fresh water.


The screen of the smartwatch is also an important element to consider. These are going to be the ones that show us the information constantly, so we must make sure that both the brightness and the sharpness will allow us to view all the data correctly even in full sunlight.

The most common type of screen used in smartwatches is LCD, although higher-end smartwatches are now incorporating AMOLED panels, as is also the case with smartphones. These use organic materials that emit light when electricity is applied, allowing much brighter and sharper images to be displayed with less energy consumption than other types of screen.

Smartwatch screens are usually touchscreens, but also include one or more physical buttons to facilitate navigation and quick access to certain applications.

Replaceable and universal straps

Also, as smartwatches are primarily designed for sport use, they often come with silicone straps, as they are best suited both for exercise and to complement our everyday attire. However, some premium editions of certain models are accompanied by leather or metal straps.

In any case, they can almost always be easily replaced by a universal strap. In fact, in our catalogue you will find a multitude of replacement straps: synthetic leather, silicone, milanese... But first make sure you know which one is compatible with your smartwatch. At Powerplanetonline we will tell you in the article itself, as long as we have compatible straps for that watch.

The best selling smartwatches of 2022

Finally, we are going to show you some examples of watches from different categories, which stand out for some specific functionality or feature, in case you still don't know which smartwatch to buy:

  • Kumi Air Pro: Affordable, with good design and all the essential features of a smartwatch. This is an example of a smartwatch with thermometer.
  • IWO HW37: Super cheap and complete smartwatch. It is the first smartwatch with glucose test in our catalogue.
  • Samsung Galaxy watch4: Premium smartwatch from a top brand. Its sports and health features go far beyond with a BIA sensor for measuring body composition, a sleep tracker with analysis of oxygen levels and snoring patterns, electrocardiograms and blood pressure measurement.
  • Amazfit GTS: Even though the Amazfit GTS 3 has already been released, the first version of this iconic Amazfit smartwatch is still one of the best selling smartwatches. Its secret? Huge functionality and high build quality at a low price.
  • MiBro Air Watch: The best selling smartwatch in our catalogue and probably one of the smartwatches with the best value for money. However, if you like it but prefer rectangular smartwatches, check out the MiBro Color Watch.
  • Zeblaze GTR: Another best selling smartwatch due to its unquestionable build quality and powerful specs at an ultra-affordable price.
  • IWO W26: Thanks to its strong resemblance to the Apple Watch (but for a few hundred euros less) and full Android compatibility, this IWO smartwatch has earned its place in the ranking.
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