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Smartphones Umidigi

Umidigi smartphones are known for offering good performance at a budget cost.

At Powerplanetonline, we have a wide selection of Umidigi smartphones, check them all out below!

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Umidigi smartphones catalogue, high-end technology at a budget price

Umidigi is a technology brand specialising in the manufacture of affordable, high-performance mobile devices. In the Umidigi smartphone catalogue we can find from cheap low-end and mid-range phones to super rugged smartphones.

According to the company, its creations are dedicated to those who expect the best possible smartphone experience. This is where the art of technology and life meet, with Umidigi's commitment to focus on premium products that are differentiated by their level of innovation and technological advancements, in order to provide consumers with the latest technology in a cost-effective way.

Since establishing their company in 2017, they have expanded their global presence to over 20 countries around the world. We've detailed everything about Umidigi phones below - don't miss out!

Umidigi Smartphones

The Umidigi catalogue is under continuous renewal, especially when it comes to Umidigi smartphones, which are identified by offering the latest in technology and design at super budget prices, allowing users to freely enjoy a long-lasting smart life that meets their needs for connectivity and performance. But there's much more!

Which Umidigi smartphone to buy?

Before changing your smartphone, it is important that you ask yourself questions that answer your needs when you are looking for the best Umidigi high-end or mid-range phone: do I need a phone just to make calls, a phone to take photos, to play games, what will I use it for, do I only want a phone to watch social networks and videos?

If you are still not sure which smartphone to buy or what the differences are between a mid-range and a high-end smartphone, we recommend that you first visit the smartphone category and take a look at the text. That way you will also know which is the best Umidigi smartphone for you!

Power Series, Umidigi's entry-level smartphones

Within the Power series are the Umidigi's cheapest smartphones, with low-end specifications and performance tuned to basic everyday tasks, such as browsing the internet, using Facebook or making calls. They are perfect for those who want to spend little on a phone.

The current members of the Umidigi Power Series are the Umidigi Power 5 and the Umidigi Power 5s. Visit them to learn more about them!

A Series, Umidigi mid-range phones

On the other hand, the Umidigi A series is made up of Umidigi's mid-range smartphones, with great features and very low prices.

The latest additions to the Umidigi A family are the Umidigi A11, Umidigi A11 Pro Max and Umidigi A11s.

What are you waiting for to discover them and be surprised by their specs?

Bison Series, Umidigi rugged phones

Finally, the Umidigi BISON family brings together the Umidigi rugged phones. These are ultra-rugged phones with ultra-resistant designs that can work in the most hostile scenarios, with MIL-STD-810G, IP68/IP69K certification and long battery life, ensuring resistance to water, shock and battery life in extreme conditions.

The models currently in this category are the Umidigi BISON, the Umidigi BISON Pro, the Umidigi BISON GT, the Umidigi BISON X10 and the Umidigi BISON X10 Pro. Ready to fall in love with their performance?

Why buy an Umidigi smartphone?

In a nutshell, if you decide to buy an Umidigi smartphone, you will be choosing a high quality and reliable phone, whatever the model. So don't think twice!

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