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Smartphones Oukitel

Oukitel smartphones are highly resistant and budget phones.

At Powerplanetonline we have a wide selection of Oukitel smartphones, check them all out below!

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Oukitel smartphones catalogue, rugged smartphones at budget prices

Oukitel is a technology brand established in 2007 that is known for its devices at affordable prices.

Oukitel smartphones catalogue is continually being updated, which ranges from cheap low-end and mid-range phones to super rugged phones, divided into its two main families: C y WP.

Within this wide range of phones, Oukitel's flagship product is the rugged smartphones, the best value for money devices with good finishes. We'll tell you about them below!

Oukitel WP, ultra durable rugged smartphones

Today's smartphones stand out for their design, performance and camera, but resistance is their weak point. To overcome these problems, Oukitel is committed to all-terrain smartphones with military certification, IP68/IP69K and long battery life, which ensures resistance to water, shocks and autonomy in extreme conditions.

We can safely say that Oukitel currently makes some of the toughest phones in the world. The entire Oukitel WP product range is characterised by premium materials and four reinforced corners to prevent damage from drops. In addition, membranes, covers and other waterproofing elements prevent water, dust, dirt and other impurities from penetrating the device - the perfect phone for industrial work, construction or adventure sports!

MIL-STD-810G military grade

As mentioned, Oukitel WP phones are noted for their ruggedness and toughness, but to qualify as a military phone, it must be certified MIL-STD-810G.

This US quality seal exposes the product to a set of laboratory environmental tests that would be extreme for any other conventional device.

These tests will attempt to simulate the service life of the phone in the military environment in a test zone that replicates the adverse effects in different environments.

Even though the MIL-STD-810 certification is specifically created for military applications, this seal and quality standard is also often used for commercial products, as in the case of some Oukitel rugged smartphone models.

Tests carried out for this certificate are aimed at:

  • Defining environmental stress sequences, duration and number of life cycles
  • Evaluating the device's performance when exposed to an environmental stress cycle
  • Identifying deficiencies and defects in design, materials, manufacturing processes and demonstrating compliance with requirements

IP68/IP69K water and dust resistant

If you want to buy a highly resistant mobile phone, look for a phone that, in addition to MIL-STD-810G certification, has IP68 and IP69K certification, as in the case of the Oukitel phones.

But, what is IP68 and IP69K? It is a numerical nomenclature, i.e. the degrees of protection are defined by 2 digits. The first (6) refers to protection against solids (such as dust or sand) and the second (8 and 9) to protection against liquids.

The following chart shows the meaning of each dust protection level:

  • 0 - The device has no protection against external solid elements.
    1 - The device is protected against solid objects greater than 50 mm
  • 2 - The device is protected against solid objects greater than 12 mm diameter.
  • 3 - The device is protected against solid objects greater than 2.5mm diameter.
  • 4 - The device is protected against solid objects greater than 1.0mm diameter.
  • 5 - Although it does not prevent the total ingress of dust particles, the device is protected so that the total amount cannot affect the equipment.
  • 6 - The device is fully protected against dust. No Ingress of dust.

The following chart shows the meaning of each liquid protection level:

  • 0 - The device has no protection against water.
  • 1 - The device is protected against vertically dripping water.
  • 2 - The device is protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15°.
  • 3 - The device is protected against spraying water at an angle of up to 60° from vertical.
  • 4 - The device is protected from water jets from any direction.
  • 5 - The device is protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.
  • 6 - The device is protected against strong water jets from any direction through a nozzle.
  • 7 - The device is protected from immersion in water with a depth of more than 1 meter for at least 30 mins
  • 8 - The electronic product shall withstand, without liquid leakage, complete and continuous immersion to the depth and for the time specified by the product manufacturer, provided that conditions more severe than those specified for value 7 result.
  • 9K - The device is protected against short-range, high-pressure and high-temperature jets.

The protection of mobile phones against liquids remains one of the most controversial features for a large number of users because, in the event of water ingress, the device's warranty is invalidated as it is considered misuse in all cases. Making a mobile phone completely waterproof requires a complicated and delicate sealing process. Any bump, no matter how small, can cause the phone to lose this quality. These small accidents will not damage the phone in appearance, but they can break the hermetic seal that the products have, nullifying or reducing the protection against the entry of water or dust.

Why buy a rugged phone?

Before you change your smartphone, it is important to ask yourself questions that meet your needs when you are looking for the best rugged mid-range phone. If you are still not sure which smartphone to buy, we recommend that you first visit the smartphone category and take a look at the text, so you will also know which Oukitel smartphone is best for you!

In this case, Oukitel WP rugged phones are ideal for adventure lovers. If you like to get away to remote or hard-to-reach places to get the best views, you need a phone that can keep up with you.

On the other hand, Oukitel WP phones, thanks to their high resistance are also focused on the professional environment, especially designed for people working in special industries such as rescue workers, soldiers, police, construction workers, coal miners and so on. The quality standards will allow you to use it comfortably in a variety of extreme environments, including navigating its screen with protective gloves and taking advantage of its hot keys with customisable functions. There are also unique accessories and utilities on the market, such as Oukitel smartphones that include a camera with night vision.

Another outstanding feature at a professional level is their long-lasting batteries. WP phones are equipped with high amperage batteries to withstand several working days.

Why buy an Oukitel smartphone?

Reasons to buy an Oukitel smartphone - here they are!

Oukitel believes that the major disadvantage of the rapid development of technology is its cost, which is why they are committed to creating the most advanced technologies at a very affordable price. Their smartphone lines have kept up with the latest trends, but have maintained a very affordable value.

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