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Smart Digital Bathroom Scales

Smart Digital Bathroom Scales

Scales with 24-hour delivery and 3-year warranty. Bathroom, digital, or smart, the best selection at the best price

The best selection of scales on the market. The best brands, all the new features. Ideal scales to keep track of our weight and our health.

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Xiaomi scales, digital, smart, white, or black, the best selection

The new smart scales have been designed to provide us with all the information related to our weight and health.

Thanks to the connectivity with our smartphone, we will also be able to monitor our evolution over time. Achieving greater control and motivation if we decide to lose weight.

The leading manufacturers

Brands such as Huawei, Lenovo or Xiaomi scales have managed to create devices with a large number of sensors to tell us everything about our weight.

Features of the latest and most modern scales

Some of the most advanced features of the smart scales include:

  • Weight measurement
  • Body fat index measurement
  • Body fat Percentage
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Body water
  • Bone mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Visceral fat level

We have to find the one that best suits our needs, and so, choose the one that according to its functionalities stick to the budget we are willing to spend.

Smart Scales

Thanks to its connectivity we will be able to monitor our evolution on our phone, motivating us to continue taking care of ourselves and improving our weight. We will be able to follow a history of all the measurements made by our scale.

Multiple users

New scales are able to detect each user and thus create a history of each user according to their weight and structure. Thus, we will be able to use the scale for several users and we will be able to follow our history.


Manufactured in shapes and colours that adapt to the new spaces of the house. These are ideal to be placed in any bathroom. We can find them in a great variety of colours, such as white, black or brown.

We can even find them in bamboo wood to provide the image more distinguished to our cleanliness.

Great Precision

These have been developed to provide the highest precision in their measurements. They are equipped with high-quality and high-precision sensors that will give us the most accurate data.

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