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Samsung is the leading company in the technology and technological products industry, standing out in a great infinity of products, such as mobile phones, televisions, memory chips, household appliances, digital devices, etc.
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Samsung was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul. The interesting thing about the company is that it started out as an import and export company for the import and export of pre-products, which later became "Samsung Electronics" in 1969.

One of the reasons that make Samsung stand out as one of the best brands of technological products is its constant innovation. Samsung has a wide range of technological products, including mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, televisions, household appliances, PC monitors, memory sticks, etc.

Some of the products favoured by users are its mobile phones, including its Samsung Galaxy Z (the first foldable touchscreen mobile phones on the market), Samsung Galaxy A, Samsung Galaxy M and Samsung Galaxy S

Their TVs have been using QD-OLED technology for years, a technology that allows for high picture quality and resolution, and puts their TVs at the top of their competitors. Samsung also decided to go one step further, pioneering curved TVs and monitors.

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