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Realme is a young brand offering amazing smartphones. With just a few mobile phones on the market, the brand has managed to sell a large amount in a very short time. Quality, design and exceptional performance are its hallmarks.

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Realme is a brand that has focused its efforts on achieving the best performance and photography on the market. Their smartphones stand out for the quality of image and photography. Its latest devices of up to 64 megapixels get a spectacular quality when it comes to details. With style and design always in mind, the brand has managed to create great smartphones with the best components.

A Young Brand

The brand was founded in 2018. Offering just a few models, it managed to sell more than 1 million smartphones in 3 days in India. A spectacular and unprecedented fact that put the brand in sight for consumers.

Great Cameras

Since its inception, Realme has focused all its efforts on achieving the phone with the best camera on the market. To do this, it has spared no expense and has hired the best components and professionals to achieve the highest quality and user experience when it comes to taking pictures.

It offers smartphones with 4 cameras of up to 64 megapixels. They have become one of the brands with the best quality photography on the market. They are, undoubtedly, the perfect devices for users who are always looking for the best cameras on the market.

Their latest model, a phone of less than 200€, has 4 cameras to achieve 48-megapixel photos. It has been manufactured with a sensor by Sony, which is a guarantee of quality, with an opening f/1.8. This camera ensures spectacular pictures under all conditions.

In addition, it features the Super Night Landscape mode with a multi-photogram engine and Hdr. Get impressive snapshots at night. These features are very difficult to find on smartphones of the same category and price.

It also has a macro feature to achieve spectacular details and shapes.

Design, Their Hallmark

Since its inception, the brand has always sought to achieve the most attractive devices. With a diamond-shaped crystal design, a spectacular reflection is achieved. Their latest smartphones will impress us at first glance.

Power for Gamers

All Realme smartphones are built for maximum power and playability. The brand has been clear since its inception that it wanted to offer its users good gamer phones. High-powered phones in order to achieve the most fluid experiences in the most heavy games.

In addition, it has one of the largest screen-to-body ratios on the market, ideal for the heaviest games. You will also be able to enjoy your favourite multimedia content.

A Brand that Users Could Have Built

Having into account design, gaming and photography, Realme has created smartphones that could have been perfectly designed by their own users.

Using the best processors available at the moment and the highest quality components such as those by Sony, Realme has managed to attract users: Great confidence and satisfaction among their first users.

Realme, a brand that stands out for its good quality, design and performance offers us exceptional prices, mobile phones with features hard to match today by other brands.

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