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RC Cars

RC Cars

RC cars are really popular, aeromodelling has been divided into different branches that have yielded results, such as RC motorcycles, radio-controlled cars, and everything that entails an upgrade of these remote-controlled cars that are succeeding so well.

When we talk about radio-controlled cars, we mean cars that, by means of a control, we can be driven. One of the advantages of buying this type of RC car is that you can take it anywhere, thanks to its great battery capacity. It's not just a toy, it can race or take part in sports competitions. RC cars can show you a whole new world!

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What is an RC car?

A radio-controlled car is a scale car driven by a remote control. A radio-controlled car can be used for leisure or for sports competitions; in the latter case, the car needs to be lighter than normal, or have a powerful engine and a good mass distribution, which has adjustment possibilities to adapt to the different tracks where it is driven.

RC cars are becoming more and more popular, it is mainly due to the technological advance that these "little cars" include. They range from toys to professional remote-controlled cars used by adults and young people for competitions.

RC (radio control) cars are no longer just a toy for children, more and more adults are joining this unstoppable hobby. If you also want to join the modeling world but you do not know which remote control car to choose, this guide can help you buy cheap RC cars.

Types of RC Cars

Choosing RC car can be a difficult task considering the great variety that exists. We will have to take into account several factors before we buy RC cars, such as size, speed, etc. Here we show you what a radio controlled car can be like depending on the type.

Electric or combustion engine

RC Electric Cars are very powerful and easy to use remote-controlled vehicles because they do not require engine maintenance and have a quiet operation. It is only necessary to check their battery level.

In this field you can also include radio-controlled cars with AA batteries, which are usually the simplest radio-controlled cars for children. On the other hand, the petrol radio control cars have much more autonomy than the electric ones.

They emit a sound similar to that of a real car, which is why they are so attractive to lovers of this activity. The engine requires maintenance and it is recommended to have notions of carburetion to use them properly.

RC car scale

The word "scale" indicates the relationship between the measurements of the real vehicle and the RC car in its main technical measures, such as wheelbase, track and especially the reproduction of the bodywork.

So a 1/n scale car is n times smaller than the real vehicle. The most popular are 1:8 and 1:10.

Lately the 1/16 scale has also become popular, but with less strength than the previous ones.

RC car drive

  • Normal drive: when there are two driving wheels, the rear or the front ones. It is also designated by the acronym 2WD (2 Wheels Driving). 
  • Full drive: when all four wheels of the car are driven. It is also referred to as 4WD (4 Wheels Driving). 

RC car category

  • Radio-controlled track cars: these are suitable for use on completely smooth floors, without potholes or stones. The distance between the chassis and the ground is a maximum of 1 centimeter, as they are for track competitions and reaching high speeds
  • Off-road RC cars: with them you will be able to drive on more complicated surfaces, such as earth or asphalt with unevenness. These have been designed with a suspension and damping system to avoid overturning.

Best RC 2021 cars

Once you know what you're looking for, the next step is to choose a model and brand. Here we make a selection of the best RC cars of 2021:

Cheap RC car

There are cheap radio control cars, from little more than €20 we will be able to find some great fun devices. Replicas of great brands such as Maserati, Mercedes, or Lamborghini that will provide us with great fun for very little money.

Powerful RC car

Powerful radio-controlled cars are designed to reach high speeds. They are undoubtedly, together with drifting cars, the ones that are going to provide us with the most fun. These vehicles can reach more than 35 kilometres per hour, making them some of the fastest on the market. They have front and rear suspension and 4WD 4-wheel drive.

RC car for drifting

These are ideal cars for turning and skidding and is capable of reaching 40KM/h. It also has front/rear cushioning and amazing 4WD traction. They are considered by many to be the most fun cars to drive remotely.

Powerful and resistant car

There are cars that combine power and endurance. They are designed so that we can get the most out of them in all situations, on all terrains.

Premium off-roader

Premium off-road cars are capable of up to 50km/h, the best of which include independent oil hydraulic damping, 4WD and spectacular design and size.

Cheap off-roader

We find on the market cheap rc cars, or buggies ideal for all terrains. For a very low price we will have cars ready to make the most of all terrains

Especially suitable for rough terrain, to enjoy the most demanding terrain.

Mini car

The WlToys L939 is a mini rc car capable of reaching 30KM/h. It has front/rear cushioning and 2WD drive. Buy electric rc car WlToys L939 1/32 2WD Short Course at Powerplanetonline.

RC cars for children

There are rc cars for children. Small in size, with high-capacity batteries that can be used for many minutes.

In addition, they are designed to be easy to drive, with no small parts that can come off and be swallowed by children. 

Thus, we can buy safe children's electric cars that can be used by kids of all ages. One of the most important aspects is the safety of children and brands have launched cars with which we can have peace of mind while our children are having fun.

Premium RC car

The Premium Rc cars can reach more than 80 kilometres per hour with their electric motor. Powerful motors up to 2500kv offer an incredible driving experience. 

Fun is guaranteed but also safety and ease of driving, as it is equipped with real 4WD and oiled hydraulic type shock absorbers made of aluminium and independent from each other. 

An important factor in distinguishing between remote-controlled cars is whether they are designed to run on asphalt or ground, and whether they can withstand jumps without being damaged. The designations used are Off Road, On Road, Monster, Drifting, Rockcrawling, Short Course, Bashers and Touring.

As you can see, there is a large range of Remote Control Cars on the rc market for the enjoyment of both adults and children. Buying RC cars can be within everyone's reach thanks to their great variety.

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