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Projectors 4K

A 4k projector can display an image with a resolution of 3840x2160”. This is one of the highest quality images you can find. So if you plan to set up a home cinema, you will need a 4k projector.

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Which 4k projector should I buy?

When buying a 4k projector for your living room, we recommend that you check the following features to find the best option:

  • Lumens: Lumens are the light emitted by a projector to display an image. The more lumens you have, the clearer the image.
  • Type of light: The light can be projected in different ways:
    • LCD is the technology used in most projectors. The light is projected through three panels: red, green and blue.
    • DLP uses a colour wheel and a chip with mirrors that pass through the wheel.
    • LCoS reflects light like LCD but onto a silicon device.
  • Light source: We need to differentiate between:
    • LED projectors: These are the most common as they can be used to make smaller, easily transportable models such as mini projectors.
    • Laser projectors: These offer greater brightness and have a useful life of 20,000 hours.
    • Ultra-high-pressure lamps: These are used in high-end ranges. They have a useful life of 10,000 hours and offer a great quality image but at a higher price.
  • Contrast: Goes hand in hand with brightness. A high contrast makes the image clearer and enhances the colours.
  • Connectivity: They can use HDMI, VGA, Bluetooth and even WiFi.
  • Smart TV function: Many projector manufacturers have chosen to include webOS operating system so they can work like a Smart TV using applications like Netflix, HBO, etc.
  • Supports: Refers to the type of fixture the projector has. It is best to place them on a solid surface, like the ceiling, so you can adjust the image and avoid any unnecessary movement.

What is the best 4k projector?

The best 4k projector is the Xiaomi Mi 150” 4k Laser Projector. It has 2,000 lumens and uses ALPD 3.0 laser technology, which improves the image and corrects contrast and colour problems which are frequent in other devices.

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