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Smartphones and accessories

Find the perfect phone for you in our extensive catalogue - the best brands and the best prices! Also find the best accessories with cases, screen protectors, spare parts, Power Banks... and much more!

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Smartphones and mobiles for every user, at a good price and with accessories of all kinds

Smartphones have become an important personal and professional tool in recent years, bringing together in a single device numerous features to carry out our work and our hobbies.

We no longer only use them to communicate, but also to enjoy audiovisual content, play video games and even take high-resolution photographs and videos. In fact, the use we plan to make of them will be the deciding factor in deciding which phone to buy.

Phones and smartphones of all brands, prices and ranges

For our part, we try to make it as easy as possible for you through a catalogue full of phones, adapting to all types of consumers. With smartphones from top brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, Realme, Google, etc.; entry-level affordable phones, the best top-of-the-range smartphones, mid-range phones with incredible performance at a very good price, rugged phones, phones with buttons, different memory settings, sizes, design, etcetera.

Refurbished phones

At Powerplanetonline we believe in second chances. For this reason, we also have a section of refurbished phones, divided into two types of products: unsealed and refurbished. Within the latter, we can also find Class A and Class B phones. All of them go through a rigorous control to establish the state of the device, which is detailed in the product file. Buying a refurbished mobile phone allows us to get a high quality device with a great discount and warranty.

Cases and screen protectors

At Powerplanetonline we are also known for always bringing you the best accessories for your smartphone, helping you to keep it safe at all costs with a large catalogue of high quality and resistant cases, covers and screen protectors. From the universal waterproof case (a top seller in every sense of the word) to accessories tailored to each model. For example, in the category Xiaomi Covers and Protectors you will even find the brand's original cases.

Flexible silicone cases, hard polycarbonate cases, cases with reinforced corners... We have the case you're looking for! Even the best-selling models on the market, from the basic transparent silicone cases to the Cabron Ultra with carbon fibre or the Nillkin cases, a top quality brand.

We also offer different types of screen protectors: tempered glass, with and without borders, and hydrogel. And don't forget: at the best price with shipping from Spain, so you won't have to wait long to receive it!

Other accessories: headphones, Power Banks, stabilisers, selfie sticks...

Don't hesitate to buy phone accessories that add usefulness to your phone, such as wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers, Power Banks or portable batteries, Qi wireless chargers, optical lenses and zoom lenses, car holders and chargers, stabilisers and selfie sticks, Bluetooth locators and many more.

Spare parts for smartphones

Your out-of-warranty phone has broken down and you want to repair it yourself? Find the part you're missing in our spare parts catalogue: batteries, screens, chassis, speakers, charging plates, etc.

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