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Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Are you looking for a camera to guard a second home, a garden, or a warehouse? The outside security cameras that we offer in this category allow you to remotely observe what is most important to you. The most important feature of these cameras is that they are usually more sturdily designed, and even have long lasting rechargeable batteries.

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Are outside security cameras weatherproof?

Yes, in general. If you are going to use your security camera outside, it is recommended that it has some type of IP code. This type of code certifies the resistance of the security camera to outside weather conditions, such as dust and water.

How are outside video cameras connected?

The most practical option is to connect theoutside security camera to the electricity supply with a cable. In this way, the camera will always have power, avoiding it switching off if we don’t have the opportunity to charge it.

However there are currently many models of outside security cameras which have long-lastingrechargeable batteries. These are perfect to areas in which there are no sockets or electricity supply. In addition, there is the option to charge them whenever necessary.

If, however, this is not possible but you don’t have access to a socket either, there is an outside IP camera with a solar panel. Thanks to its batteries and solar panels, it is not necessary to have a power source..

Are outside security cameras able to see at night?

If you are going to install your security camera outside, it also needs to have night vision. With this system we can easily receive good quality images even in areas without lighting.

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