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If you like Nintendo you are in luck, in Powerplanetonline we have selected for you the best and cheapest Nintendo consoles. Fans of this brand are more and more, from small children to adults who want to continue enjoying the adventures of Mario and the misadventures of Princess Peach.

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Nintendo 2DS XL at a unique price

The Nintendo 2 DS XL has laid the foundations for the new Nintendo model, the Nintendo 3DS XL. On Powerplanetonline  we have a firm commitment to offer the best-selling products at the best price. And that's why the Nintendo 2 DS XL is the perfect gift for children and adults. Even if it's large it weighs only 260g and you can enjoy augmented reality games, Face raider, camera and access to games and shopping through the Nintendo eShop platform.

Nintendo Switch

The new Nintendo Switch has revolutionised the world of hand-held consoles, new, beautiful but with all the essence of Nintendo. The classic games but with big screen and an incredible system for multiplayer. No need for a TV, a game console both home and portable as it has 3 game modes. Play on the TV by connecting the HDMI cable and you can play the content of the console on your TV. Play and enjoy the game. Desktop mode is one of Nintendo's greatest inventions. Mix the concept of portable console with the traditional TV, you can enjoy cooperative games on the same screen, each player with a different Joy-Con. For this desktop mode all you have to do is open the backplate and enjoy!

The portable mode is the simplest. Turn it on and play. Many fun possibilities and many hours of play is what this Nintendo Switch promotes with the 6.2" screen and a 4310 mAh battery.

Accessories for all consoles

Complete all Nintendo game consoles with accessories such as speakers, Nintendo Switch controllers to play with your friends, wheels to live the races in Mario Kart to the fullest or covers to keep them protected at all times.

Do not hesitate and buy the accessories for your Nintendo game consoles on Powerplanetonline.

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