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Computer mice, wide variety at the best price on the market

We have a wide catalogue of computer mice. A wide variety depending on our needs. For gaming, cheap mice, wireless, or wired.

A wide variety with the best price on the market.

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Gaming Mice, the highest innovation

Gaming mice have evolved the most in recent years. This is one of the biggest sectors today and the one in which most technological advances are being made for something that can be as practical and simple as a computer mouse.

Brands have been evolving and developing increasingly customisable mice to satisfy the gamer market.

It is very useful to configure the gaming mouse according to our needs. Be it size or configuration needs.

Today's gaming mice can be configured according to the size of your hand, the length of your fingers or your elasticity. Therefore, one of the major innovations in the industry has been to produce mice that can be configured according to your hand.

Given the large number of gamers that exist today and the large number of games, it is vital for a gamer to be able to configure the buttons according to the game they are going to play. For this reason, there are mice that can be configured according to the game we are going to play. With interchangeable plates that will provide us with different numbers of buttons, all of them configurable.

Optical sensor is also one of the differentiating elements of a gamer mouse that needs precision and high response and refresh rates. When it comes to high competition, every detail counts and can make the difference to one side or the other. 

We are even going to find mice depending on the type of game we are going to play, prepared for different types of games such as Shooters, Multiplayer Battlefield Games (MOBA), or Rpg. 

Wireless mice

Wireless PC mice have become indispensable in recent years. Due to their ease of transport and the comfort with which we interact with them, they have become a favourite among users in just a few years. In addition, they can be used with great comfort, without a cable that hinders their movement. 

On the downside, wireless mice tend to have a higher price, and we also have to be attentive to change batteries or recharge them. It is easy to find ourselves in the situation of not being able to use the mouse because of the lack of batteries, or waiting for a minimum charge to be used. 

Wired mice

Wired mice, the classic ones, have the great advantage that they can be used until the sensor or a button breaks for some reason. This is the ideal option if we want to use them for work, as the hours of use can quickly wear them out if we use a wireless one.

It is usually the most practical and cheapest option.

There is also a mouse model with a retractable cable, so that with a gentle tug the cable is retracted and ready to be transported with total comfort. 

Design of the new mice

Although the design of the new models is essentially the same, we can find mice in all colours on the market. 

One of the latest innovations introduced are lights. We are going to find colour-changing light-emitting mice. It is common to see them especially in the gaming world, where even the colours are displayed depending on the situation in the game.

We can also find mini mice, with the same shape as normal mice but much smaller so that they can be transported as comfortably as possible. Ideal for use with laptops, as they can be easily slipped into your computer backpack.

Price range

There are cheap mice from €5 to the most expensive mice, such as gamers' mice, which can reach €120. From the simplest and most practical mice that do not reach 10€ to the most advanced and innovative ones. A wide catalogue that will surely adapt to our needs, both functional and economical.

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