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PC Monitors

PC Monitors

Monitors for desktop computers, or to connect an additional screen to your laptop. Wide selection

Monitors and screens for pc. Wide selection of screens for all kind of needs and budgets. The best brands, qualities and prices on the market. 

Business monitors, gaming monitors, office monitors... A monitor for every kind of need.

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Monitors according to our needs

Monitors are very versatile, depending on their uses, we are going to need certain features or others, the most common uses and the ones we should pay more attention to are:

Business monitors

When we use a screen for work we must take certain features into account. For example, high resolution, if we work in design it is of great importance to have a 4k monitor to see our work with the highest possible quality.

The size is also important, with a large screen we will have more space to play with the different windows, facilitating the work. Thus, with screens above 20 inches we will be able to use only one with a large working space.

We should also look at the colour gamut, for business use we should have a colour gamut that is as realistic as possible.

In work environments it is increasingly common to use laptops connected to different screens. This gives us great flexibility in our work, as we can always carry our work tool with us and also have a large screen on which we can work comfortably.

Blue light emission must also be taken into account. In working environments it is vitally important to have low blue light emission screens to prevent eyestrain.

PC monitors, the perfect accessory for our computers.

With the processing power and graphic resolution that is being achieved, it is essential to also have a monitor that will reproduce with the highest possible quality what we are carrying out.

If we have a powerful computer, with great graphics but our monitor is not able to reproduce with the necessary speed or quality what the pc is carrying out, we will be wasting the money spent on that device. That is why it is of vital importance to have a screen that also faithfully reproduces content.

The computer monitor, used only for office tasks, will be very different from the monitor we need to play the most current and powerful games.

Gaming Displays

Gamers will require quality to be aware of any movement. Curved monitors also offer an exceptional gaming experience and are currently one of the most widely used by gamers. The size will depend on taste. It is important to have a high screen refresh rate, as high as possible to achieve a smooth gaming experience.

There are screens made exclusively for gamers. We find gamers who need a 144hz monitor to achieve the highest possible refresh rate, and response times of 1ms, to achieve the fastest movements and gain an advantage over their rivals.

Cheap monitors

We have a wide selection of cheap monitors. Designed to fulfil the basic functions of a monitor at the lowest possible price. They are ideal for users who are looking for quality at a good price to perform office tasks, watch movies etc. We find cheap screens of different sizes, each one ideal for its use.

Monitors for watching movies

More and more people are using monitors as a multimedia player. There is no longer much difference between a monitor and a television. If we decide to have a screen for watching movies, we should look at its viewing quality, which is much more important than for business use.

Curved screens will provide a more immersive viewing experience, thus achieving the best viewing experience. Achieving superior enjoyment when playing movies or our favourite series.

Curved monitors - fashion or necessity

Among our catalogue we can find a large number of curved monitors. In recent years they have become increasingly popular for gamers, but also for people who need the screen for work.

When it comes to gaming, curved monitors offer a more immersive experience, but is it worth using in other areas?

They are not recommended for users of e.g. graphics editing. Their curvature can alter the end result of editing on other monitors. Users who see what we have created with a curved monitor may see substantial differences on a flat monitor.

In addition, if we are going to print what we have created, once printed it can have big differences with respect to what is seen on screen.

Monitors in all price ranges and with a wide range of functionalities

In our catalogue you will find a wide range of screens, of all prices, cheap screens for a regular use to connect the pc or a laptop. But we also find curved screens and very high refresh rate for the most advanced gaming.

We can also find monitors with low blue light emission for work environments, or with 4K quality for multimedia production workers. Everything you need at the most competitive prices on the market.

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