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Mini PC

Mini PC, Productivity and Power

Mini PCs are small computers that will provide us with power and good processing speed to carry out any type of task in a small device. Power at the best price on the market!

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Mini PCs, Small Size to Perform Any Task

Thanks to the new micro PCs we have powerful and compact computers that we can take anywhere. Ideal for setting up our office anywhere.

Mini PCs for All Types of User

They are suitable for all types of users. From professional users looking for power to perform their tasks anywhere, to students who travel and need a powerful computer to take with them everywhere.

They are also perfect for users looking for a computer to have at home and surf the net without taking up much space.

Micro PCs with Windows, Android, or Mac

Depending on the use we will make of our Mini PC, we will look for one operating system or another

Mini PCs with Windows are more focused on people who are looking for a computer to work. They are suitable for people who work in several office centres. Thanks to their small size, weight and power, they are easy to transport from one place to another and work with the same computer in all places.

Their easy transport and the possibility of taking Windows anywhere makes them essential for some types of users.

Mini PC Android

Thanks to Android Mini-Computers we will be able to download the same applications that we have in our mobile phone to our computer.

As it is an open system, there are many applications available. It is an ideal system for playing emulators, watching TV or performing office tasks.

Apple Mac Mini

We can also highlight small Apple computers, with the Mac operating system. With high reading speeds, it's one of the best alternatives if we are professionals in editing, or we are going to use it to carry out any professional task.

Mini PCs for Gamers

Microcomputers have even reached the gamer world. With the great power they are already capable of developing, we find small computers that can be used to play the most powerful games.

They are perfect to take with us and carry our gamer centre to install anywhere.

Best Mini PC Brands

Among the best brands of microcomputers we find Apple. Their devices are among the most used for their power and performance. They are computers with exceptional reading speed, but also have a very elegant design.

Their many ports will allow us to work with any additional device.


It's one of the most powerful brands that makes small computers. It is especially known for its computers aimed at gamers. These computers offer great performance anywhere. A great power to run the most powerful game.


Beelink stands out for the manufacture of Mini Pcs with an excellent value for money. They are computers that we can use for any task. In addition, many of them come with Windows pre-installed, a great advantage if we are going to use them for professional tasks. It will be really easy to install any device such as screens.


Minix also stands out for its great value for money. Its computers are designed for both office and leisure use. Perfect for playing the best multimedia content or playing games.


It is one of the leading brands that manufacture this type of device. We buy quality when getting an Asus microcomputer. These PCs deliver good performance in all situations.

Mini PCs, the Best Solution to Carry Our Work Where We Want and Work in Small Spaces

Thanks to their performance and small size, mini PCs have become popular and reached a large number of users.

There are more and more users who use them as a multimedia centre, with their televisions managing to play the best films and series.

In the professional field, their popularity has also increased thanks to their easy transport and great power. We will always be able to carry a powerful computer everywhere with which to work.

We find microcomputers that adapt to the budget of each user, from cheap mini PCs for multimedia and office use, to high-powered microcomputers with which to carry out professional tasks that require great processing.

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