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Leask Sl

What is Leask Sl?

Leask Sl is the legal name of Powerplanetonline or Powerplanet.


Leask Sl offers its customers high quality products at the lowest prices on the market and delivers to all European countries from its headquarters in Spain. The company strives to give their clients access to new electronic goods quickly after they are on the market. Sales and customer support is provided by dedicated, expert professionals who are native speakers in Spanish, Portuguese, English or French. Leask Sl is a leader in logistics management and offers fast customer service and express shipping throughout Europe.


The Financial Times has included Leask Sl 3 times in its list of the 1000 largest European companies (2017, 2018 and 2019).


Leask Sl owns the e-commerce website Powerplanetonline - a European leader in electronic goods. Powerplanetonline was launched in 2011.


Leask Sl is a commercial company specializing in the purchase and sale of consumer electronics products, based in Totana, Spain, and offering delivery throughout Europe. The company was founded on 2 February 2004 in Murcia.

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