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At Powerplanetonline you can find the best keyboards, we search and select for you all types of keyboards so you will always find what you are looking for.

We have mechanical keyboards for those who like the quality of a mechanical keyboard and its sound. Gaming keyboards for gamers - don't lose any more games because of your keyboard.

Of course we have computer keyboards, or wireless, but not only that, also Android and colour. Indeed! LED lights so you can customize it to your liking, so you know, in Powerplanetonline you will find the best keyboards on the market.

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Types of keyboards, one for each person depending on use

If you are thinking of buying a keyboard and the terms ''membrane'', ''mechanical'' or ''switch'' are Greek to you, at Powerplanetonline we want to help you learn about the types of keyboards and their differences so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Let's begin by distinguishing between two types:

  • Membrane.
  • Mechanical.

Membrane keyboards

The first type, membrane keyboards, are the most common and became very popular as they bring advantages such as a lower price, the ease of finding them, as well as being quieter when typing. They are undoubtedly an ideal choice for those who are looking for a good value for money keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are a world apart, because of the large number of different keystrokes we have, here we introduce you to a new term, "switch".

What is a switch? It is the mechanism that defines what kind of keystroke the keyboard will have. Cherry MX set the standards and is undoubtedly a reference brand for its quality, we can distinguish between numerous switch colours to distinguish them more easily, the colour can be seen by looking at the keyboard from the side.

Types of Switch:

  • Black Switch: this type of keystroke is linear and hard to the touch and with very good repetition. It is the choice of many players for this very reason, because of the difficulty of pressing a key unintentionally and also because it allows you to press it again quickly.

  • Red Switch: the most modern, it has only been on the market for a few years, it is also linear and very popular, we usually find it on high-end keyboards, and it is good for both typing and gaming because of the high key repetition it has. It is similar to black but without being as hard to the touch.

  • Brown Switch: the most standard one, which can be used for everything, for typing or playing long hours without any problem, it has a medium touch.

  • Blue Switch: the softest to the touch and which makes the famous mechanical keyboard noise, preferred for typing by typists, because of the type of mechanism it is very difficult to press a key twice by mistake, so for games it can also be ideal if you need a surgeon's precision.

New generation keyboards

Finally we have the colour keyboards, coloured LED keyboards with lights and multiple customisation options, we can distinguish between two types:

  • LED fixed colour keyboard: this type of LED is of a single colour, that is to say, it does not allow the mixing of colours. our keyboard will be able to light up but always in the same colours.
  • RGB LED colour keyboard: RGB LED colour keyboard: this type of LED includes the three colours, hence the name RGB, it has red, green and blue, your keyboard in full colour, you can fully customise the colour of each key with many nuances, without a doubt the best colour keyboard.
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