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Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

Health, all the products that will help us to keep and improve our health

In our Health category we will be able to find all the products that will help us to maintain and improve our health.

Products such as masks, digital non-contact thermometers, or ozone generators. All with shipping from Spain and delivery in 24 hours.

Health and care products such as masks, digital non-contact thermometers, or hand sanitisers

A whole range of hygiene and prevention products to take care of our health. It is increasingly necessary to protect ourselves with masks, or take our temperature regularly.

Here you can find everything you need to prevent and maintain our health.

Digital non-contact thermometers

Digital contactless thermometers have recently become one of the indispensable devices for finding out the state of our health.

Thanks to contactless temperature taking, it is the best way to know if we have a fever, preventing infections derived from the common use of a thermometer.

With their LED screens we will be able to know in a quick way, in one second, and at a distance of even about 5 centimetres, the body temperature we have.

These are precise thermometers that will tell us the exact measurement.

Masks, protection to go out safely

In recent times, masks have become an indispensable element if we want to get out safely.

With disposable masks we can protect ourselves by throwing away the mask once it has been used. It is important to leave possible viruses outside our home.

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers

Hydroalcoholic hand sanitisers are another must-have product in our daily life. Thanks to its composition in alcohol we can eliminate germs and bacteria that we can carry in our hands.

It will help us reduce exposure to harmful agents in our hands. Hands are one of the main conductors of viruses to our mucous membranes.

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