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Google products, the search engine brand presents its phones and assistants with the highest technology

Google is the second most popular brand in the world after Apple. Its search engine is the most used on the Internet with usage rates close to 90%. Its products have the highest technology to satisfy the most demanding users.

Here, you can find the best prices on the market, with delivery in 24 hours and 3 years warranty on its phones or personal assistants.

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Google, products designed with the highest technology, quality, design and price

Google's products feature the latest and most innovative technology. Their phones are always among the best performing on the market.

Google Pixel mobile phones, power with the best design

With the arrival of Pixel terminals, Google landed on the telephony market. After several updates, the current Pixel 4 is one of the most powerful phones on the market. Designed to perform at its best and to carry out the heaviest tasks.

These are smartphones that are always characterized by their exceptional performance. The conjunction Android-Pixel shows the greatest rappot, being terminals with wonderful features.

It's a perfect integration reflected in its exceptional performance in each task.

Personal assistants, the most advanced technology

The assistants, like the Google Home, or the Goole Nest, offer us a great functionality, these assistants will make our life easier in a great number of aspects.

With Googe voice assistants we will be able to perform tasks without even getting up from the couch. Turn off or turn on lights, turn off the air conditioning, or change the channel of our TV with our voice.

In addition we can do any search on Google, check results of football matches, know the weather, or traffic status, all with the information that Google has and that is within reach of our voice.

We will be able to manage all the home automation of the house with just a few voice commands.

Assistants with large screens

The more advanced assistants include large screens where all the information we are requiring will also be showed.

Manufactured with colour screens and with a great clarity.

In addition, the new designs, of modern and minimalist style fit perfectly with the decoration of our home. These are modern devices that give a sophisticated touch to your house.

Google Chromecast, Smart Tv on any TV

The Google Chromecast is one of the brand's most purchased devices. It is capable of turning our old TV into a Smart Tv with which we can enjoy the latest multimedia content.

The Chromecast 3, is a spectacular device that for very little price will allow us to see content in streaming and 4K in our old TV.

Smart thermostat, Google Nest

Google is focused on making people's lives easier and helping us to save in every aspect.

With Google's smart thermostat we can save a lot of energy in a whole year. The smart regulation of the heating will mean a great saving of kWh of energy.

Google, advanced products that will make our lives easier

With the aim of improving life at home, Google presents us with a large number of products that we can buy at the best price, with shipping within 24 hours from Spain at Powerplanetonline. All products have 2 years guarantee.

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