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Condiciones generales

What are the General Purchase Terms and Conditions at Powerplanetonline?

At we are always committed to staying at the forefront of technology by offering customers the latest market news through a pleasant and intuitive shopping experience. For this reason we want that, thanks to these purchase conditions, the doubts that could arise during the process of purchase in our web can be solved in a fast and clear way. Of course, we have an exceptional team that will be happy to answer any kind of query through the blue icon that you will find at the bottom of this page, or by email to

What do the item availabilities mean?

  • Each product has a label that shows the item shipping availability.
  • In the case of items with several colors, their general availability and the availability of each one of the colors is indicated in detail. Therefore, it is advisable to check the availability of the selected color to avoid the delivery time being affected.
  • If we do not have enough stock of any of the items included in the order or the color selected, you will receive an email from our customer service department in which we will inform you of the available alternatives so you can receive your order as quickly as possible.
  • If you still have any doubt about the availability of any specific item, you can contact us by clicking on the blue icon that you will find at the bottom of this page.
  • In case of mixing articles with different availability in the same order, the delivery time of the order will be that of the article with the longest delivery time.
  • The availability indicated on the page refers to the time in working days in which your order will be processed and shipped, so Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays are not included. The are:

    • Pre-sale: This is a reservation for novelty items. The delivery date of this type of articles is established according to the launch date announced by the manufacturer, reason why it can suffer variations. Make sure you are one of the firsts to receive your item.
    • Receive it tomorrow: Items listed with this availability are in our warehouses ready for immediate shipping. If you place your order before 7 p.m., you will receive it the next working day at the address you specify, provided that it is a peninsular territory and you choose Express 24h shipping.
    • Receive it X: Items with this availability are on their way from our suppliers, so we establish an estimated range of dates on which the shipping will be made*. The delivery of the order will be done the next working day in the address that you indicate to us if it is within peninsular territory.

*This estimated time may be altered by circumstances beyond our control such as transport delays from our suppliers, etc. In this case, the item availability will change to "In transit. Next receipt" until it is updated with a new scheduled shipping date. This update of the scheduled shipping date usually does not take more than 24 hours. The shipping of these orders will not exceed 20 days and you will have the possibility to cancel the order and ask for a refund whenever you want.

When do Powerplanetonline shipments take place?

  • Orders placed before 6 p.m. will be served on the same day they are placed except:
    • Orders whose payment confirmation after that time.
    • Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays. These orders will be sent the next working day according to the availability of the items they contain.
    • Orders that include items whose availability implies a longer delivery time. In that case, they will be delivered according to the greater delivery time that appears in the order.
    • Once confirmed, the orders will be prepared for shipping depending on stock availability, order of entry and payment confirmation. In order to avoid the order shipping being delayed, it is advisable to make it in advance so that we can verify the payment before the established cut-off time for the placement of orders. Those orders whose payment cannot be verified before that time will be processed and shipped the next working day.
  • Once confirmed, orders will be prepared for shipment according to stock availability, order of entry and payment confirmation. In order to avoid delays, it is advisable to place your order sufficiently in advance so that we can check the payment before the deadline established for orders. Orders for which payment cannot be verified before this time will be processed and dispatched the next working day.
  • Items will not be reserved until the order process has been completed and payment has been received and confirmed.
  • Delivery times become effective as soon as the product is shipped.
  • If the same order includes items with different availabilities, the shipping will depend on the availability of the item with a longer delivery time.
  • Regarding orders sent to non-peninsular territories, with the exception of the Balearic Islands, the client shall be responsible of the payment of territorial taxes applicable in each case.
  • In case of transport damage, it is very important that you contact us immediately at the following email adress: It is preferable not to exceed the first 24 hours after receipt of the order. You must attach photos (e.g. a hit box, etc.) and provide information on the condition of the goods.
  • The price of the articles included in the order will be fixed at the time of completing the purchase process on the web, so that any subsequent variation in the RRP of the items will not affect the order.
  • Delivery dates shown on the website correspond to those indicated by the transport agencies under normal circumstances. In the event of any delay in delivery due to force majeure that may arise from the current Spanish state of alarm, extreme weather conditions or other uncontrolled incidents that may occur, there will be no claims or compensation for the purchaser.

What are Powerplanetonline's shipping costs?

Go to the Shipping Page to check all the shipping methods available.

How can I make a return to Powerplanetonline? How do I process the warranty?

  • All items purchased in Powerplanetonline have a 3-year warranty** and a 30-day return period*.
  • To return an item you can download our withdrawal.
  • All information regarding product warranties and returns is available in the warranty section of our website.
  • Should you have any kind of after-sales incident or need help with any item purchased on do not hesitate to contact us by opening a new support case on our support platform via the form that will appear by clicking on the icon "Help" (on PC) or "?" (on mobile or tablet) on this page.
  • LEASK, S.L., shall be obliged to respect the consumer's jurisdiction in the event of any conflict or discrepancy arising in the interpretation and/or application of the General Conditions.

*Except for items excluded from the right of withdrawal. More information in our warranty section.

**With the exception of reconditioned products with a one-year warranty or products for which the manufacturer offers a longer warranty period. In such cases, the additional warranty must be processed directly with the manufacturer.

What are the return conditions for companies?

  • Returns of unsealed material in perfect condition will only be accepted if such return has been authorised by Powerplanetonline. As a general rule we do not accept returns of material by companies or freelancers.
  • Such returns will be processed as commercial returns, as there is no law regulating the rights of returns between companies and these procedures are regulated according to the conditions of Powerplanetonline.
  • It is not possible to return products in blister or thermo-sealed packs, and other products that have a broken security seal, such as: base plates with unsealed cables, monitors, printers, memory cards, etc.
  • These conditions do not invalidate the right of warranty or replacement of defective products as stipulated by the warranty of each manufacturer. Powerplanetonline reserves the right to refuse the return if any anomaly is detected in the returned product.

How can I pay at Powerplanetonline?

  • Credit card: This is a convenient and immediate payment system which makes your purchases quick and safe. Powerplanetonline will not store at any time your card data since the transaction is made directly with the bank without any commission or extra cost on the price of the order.
  • Cash on delivery: You can choose this option if you prefer to pay the courier at the time you deliver the order. This option will be available for a minimum cost of €3.95 and will have an increase of 5% in the final price of the order as it involves a number of management costs by the shipping agency. This payment method is not applicable to orders over €400. 
  • Multibanco (only available in Portugal): This system is a quick, convenient and secure option to make your payments if you live in Portugal. The reservation of items included in orders paid by this method will not be effective until payment has been confirmed. This form of payment carries a 2.9% commission due to management costs.
  • Bizum: You can pay on our website through your Bizum account. 100% secure and immediate payment.
  • Installment payments with Aplazame. Finance your purchase in up to 36 instalments. 16,02% APR. 
  • Paypal: You can pay using Paypal with automatic purchase confirmation for receiving your order as fast as possible. This way of payment carries a 2% commission due to management fees. 
  • Bank transfer: Bank transfer: Pay the total amount of the order into our bank account. The transfer must be made within 24 hours if you do not want your order to be cancelled. Send the receipt to, remember to add the order number in the subject of the transfer
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