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After-sales service for LEASK S.L.U. distributors (hereinafter Powerplanetonline) will exclusively apply to the Distributor holder of the sales invoice, in no case to the final customer. Therefore, all time limits referred to in the following warranty terms and conditions take the date of the Distributor's purchase invoice as their starting date. Under any circumstances will the Distributor's sale date to the final customer be considered as the starting date.

The opening, processing, consultation and resolution of incidents will be done exclusively through the Powerplanetonline's after-sales service, by addressing the following email:

The Distributor will handle warranty requests directly with the manufacturer where possible or when required by the manufacturer.


The warranty terms and conditions that will apply to the Distributor will be the same as the Warranty Terms and Conditions available on the Powerplanetonline website ( plus the following points:

  • The time limit for processing an incident as a DOA will be within 14 days after the date stated in the Distributor's purchase invoice. Once this period has elapsed, the RMA will be considered as long as the material is not within any of the exclusion or cancellation cases set out in the General Guarantee Terms and Conditions, in which case the repair will be budgeted.
  • In order to accept an incident such as DOA, the material and its packaging must be in perfect condition and include all the accessories and manuals that include each product.
  • In the case of DOA, Powerplanetonline will return the amount of the damaged material to the Distributor through a voucher for the value of this amount. The Distributor may subsequently use it in future purchases or send a new unit as it deems appropriate in each case.
  • It will no be considered DOA when the damaged material comes with software faults, any accessory fails (chargers, headphones, etc.), it has battery faults or, in general, any incident that can be solved without the need to physically open the item to replace internal components. In these cases, Powerplanetonline will be in charge of solving this software failure or replacing the accessory or the damaged battery at no cost to the Distributor.
  • Repairs for material whose faults do not correspond to those described by the Distributor in the form provided by the after-sales service will be budgeted. If the quotation is rejected, the Distributor shall bear the costs of returning the material.
  • Powerplanetonline will be responsible for the shipping and return costs of the material processed as DOA.
  • The Distributor will be responsible for shipping costs of material under warranty (RMA) sent to Powerplanetonline and the return costs will be covered by Powerplanetonline.
  • The Distributor will be responsible for shippings and returns of materials not covered by warranty and whose repair budget has not been accepted.
  • Powerplanetonline will automatically reject any material received from the Distributor that does not come with a duly completed after-sales service form. The costs of returning the material for any of these reasons will be borne in any case by the Distributor.


Warning: Items invoiced to companies are considered capital goods. The right of return only applies to consumer goods.

Powerplanetonline, at its discretion, may accept commercial return requests only and exclusively for products with their original packaging sealed and in perfect condition. The return costs will be borne by the customer.

The return of items must be made once it has been accepted by the after-sales service and it has to come with the form provided by the after-sales service, duly completed with the information requested by it.

Under no circumstances will returns be accepted after five days after the date of acceptance by Powerplanetonline after-sales service.


Claims will not be accepted if the DISTRIBUTOR has received and accepted a box in poor condition, has not recorded the incident on the delivery note and has not immediately notified the carrier and Powerplanetonline after-sales service within 12 hours after receiving the shipment. Claims will also not be accepted if the DISTRIBUTOR has received and accepted the delivery of a lower number of packages than the number indicated on the carrier's delivery note.

Powerplanetonline will only accept claims when the customer has stated on the delivery note that the number of packages received does not correspond to the number of packages sent.

In any other case the customer will have to claim the absence of any package shipped and not delivered directly to the transport company.

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