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Gaming Mice

Mice are one of the most important peripherals. When it comes to playing games, buying a quality mouse will ensure a correct posture and allow for long days of gaming without fatigue. Another important aspect is the precision they achieve, which is key in many games where a wrong move means defeat.

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Gaming mice, precision, speed and design to achieve our best movements.

The best gaming mice at Powerplanetonline. Many innovations have been introduced in these devices, both in functionality and design. We present a great selection of gaming mice to play our favourite games with the greatest precision.

A gaming mouse for every game and every gamer

We have mice for gaming of all kinds, for LOL, or for WOW. Because every game has a different style, because every gamer is unique, plan your strategies and your macros to win more games than anyone else.

Precision, the differentiating element to win

With the new mice for gamers, pulse and movement technology has been introduced to ensure the greatest precision in every movement. Without a doubt, this is a differentiating element when facing opponents who demand the best from us.

When gaming, the precise response of our mouse is vital for the best gameplay and movement.

The best gaming mice feature buttons enabling us to adjust the DPI, or precision points per inch, sensitivity of movement. Thus, we will be able to adjust the level of sensitivity we want to play with, fitting it according to our needs.

Also for shooting games

More into shooting ? Find out which are the best gaming mice for shooters and walk straight to victory. We bring you home famous brands such as Razer, Mad Catz or Steel Series, trust the choice of the best gamers in the world.

Left-handed mice, ready for left-handed gaming

We take care of all our customers and that's why we adapt to your needs, don't worry, if you are left-handed we also have gaming mice for left-handed people, or for small hands.

Design, the most spectacular mice

They are among the devices that have evolved the most over the years. Their modern design is surprising, even with changing lights depending on our movements.

Their advanced ergonomics make them fit perfectly in our hand. Thus, with the greatest comfort, we will achieve our best game.

Durability, a must for demanding gamers

Durability is one of the most important aspects when we decide to buy a mouse for gaming. Given the intensive use, and the large number of hours we can spend playing in front of our computer, it is important to have a mouse that will last for a large number of games.

Brands have managed to make their devices resistant and prepared to last for a large number of hours.

Cheap gaming mice

In our category you can find cheap gaming mice. For less than €10 there are a lot of possibilities to achieve our best games for the least money possible.

And if you need a keyboard to match your brand new mouse don't forget to check out our Gaming Keyboards section, they're great!

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