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Gaming Keyboards

What is a gaming keyboard? A good gaming keyboard is distinguished by the precision of its keystrokes and the type of mechanism it has for it. Each gamer is different and has their own preferences, if you were looking for where to buy gaming keyboards, at you will find the best option that suits your needs, the best quality at the best price online from Spain with 24H shipping

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Gaming keyboards, quality, precision and design for the most demanding gamers.

We have the best keyboards for your favourite games, such as a gaming keyboard for WOW if you like MMORPGs, or keyboards from well-known brands like Razer, Corsair or Logitech Gaming, but if you are looking for cheap gaming keyboards we also have a great selection for you to find your new gaming keyboard.

Backlit keyboards

For the party animals we have illuminated keyboards — yeah! Coloured keyboards to make your games even more fun, you can customise lighting modes completely to your liking, if you want to add a touch of personality, choose a coloured keyboard to go straight to victory.

Mechanical gaming keyboards, the best experience

We want to offer you the best deals on the market and that is why we give you the opportunity to customise your gaming keyboard by choosing the switch colour on many of our gaming models, buy mechanical keyboards to customise the switch colour — mechanical keyboards are the choice of professional-grade gamers.

Precision in every keystroke

Precision plays an important role. In order to achieve the best gaming experience, it is necessary that the keyboard response is immediate and accurate.

In addition to accuracy we will need the highest reaction speed, this will make the difference between victory or defeat.


Durability is one of the most important aspects for gamers. Gaming sessions are often long. That is why it is essential to have devices that can keep up with the pace of the most demanding gamer.

Brands have put a lot of effort into making their keyboards as durable as possible. Being one of the main focus points in their design strategies.


Customisability is another important part. Having keys that can be configured by the user to suit their gameplay and strategy is one of the most necessary and important features for a gamer.

Design, one of the strengths of gaming keyboards

Design features are among the most important aspects when it comes to buying a gaming keyboard. Gamers are undoubtedly the ones who have innovated the most in this aspect and present us with spectacular keyboards. 

With designs that will leave us speechless, with lights and shapes that will surely not leave the most demanding gamer indifferent.

More accessories

High-quality gaming Mouse are also essential for the perfect game. The keyboard-mouse duo is a must for experienced gamers who need the best responsiveness at all times.

Gaming keyboards

The best brands and models, with the best prices, for the most demanding gamers who need precision, speed and durability to achieve their best games. All gaming keyboards at the best prices on the market at Powerplanetonline.

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