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Gaming Headsets

Don't know which gaming headset to buy? Want to renew your pc headphones? If you are tired of your computer headphones and need to buy new ones, in our website you will find the largest selection online with 24H shipping from Spain, ah! and 3 years warranty, if you still do not have your new gaming headset is because you had not found us, buying gaming headphones in Powerplanetonline was never so easy. And if you want to complete your peripherals enter our fantastic sections of gaming mouse and gaming keyboards, combine them as you want!

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Gaming headsets for all types of gamers. For all budgets, with 24-hour delivery.

Do you know what gaming headsets are? Not all headsets sound the same, however most of the population is not aware of this as they have never paid attention, but for us gamers it is very important to choose which gaming headset to buy, as our victories or defeats depend on them, because we need to hear precisely each of the alerts that occur in our game so we can react as soon as possible and in the right direction.

At Powerplanetonline we know that sound matters, that's why we have all types of headsets, for those casual gamers who want to buy cheap but good quality headsets, or amazing headsets from top brands such as Razer, Steel Series, Corsair or Logitech Gaming. All of them are worldwide renowned and are the choice of the best e-sports gamers in the world for their high quality.

We help you choose the best gaming headset according to your needs.

We help you choose the best gaming headset to suit your needs. If you are one of those who are likely to get all tangled up with cables, then you need to buy a wireless gaming headset so that you don't accidentally fall out of your head while in action, you won't get tangled up every time you move and you will see how you win more games ;)

With the advent of Bluetooth gaming headsets we can now play with total freedom of movement. If you are one of those who move non-stop in our games, you will no longer have the limitations of cables that unconsciously make you remain fixed without moving your head an inch.

With Noise Canceling Technology

Does your house sound like an airport because of the everyday noise? Don't worry, fortunately noise cancellation systems have evolved a lot in recent years and you no longer have to spend hours asking for silence. It is very important to concentrate on the action and to be able to distinguish correctly the ambient sounds from the game sounds, if this is your case, don't think twice, you absolutely should buy a gaming headset with noise cancellation system. Don't hesitate!

At we have the perfect headphones for you :)

Gaming Headset PS4

The best gaming brands have developed headphones to be used on PC, or on the Play Station 4. So, thanks to the Dolby Sorround 7.1 technology, the gaming experience will be spectacular.

We will be able to hear every step our opponents take with spectacular clarity and spatial perception. Every detail will come to our mind to locate the opponent with the greatest precision.

They also incorporate a high quality microphone to communicate with both allies and rivals.

Cheap Gaming Headsets

There is no need to spend a fortune to get a good quality wireless gaming headset. Brands have launched gaming headsets at competitive prices that adapt to the needs of every pocket.

There are available with cable or bluetooth.

Design, a key element

Without a doubt, gaming headset design has evolved the most in the sector. Their designs are spectacular, both in terms of shapes and colours.

Thanks to their features and designs, they adapt to the preferences and likings of the most demanding and advanced gamers.

Different audio profiles

The most advanced headsets have different audio profiles depending on the game. Different configurations for different styles of gaming. The most advanced gaming headsets adapt the sound to the type of game, always offering the most suitable sound experience for each game to achieve maximum enjoyment at all times.

The best and most advanced gaming headphones with 24-hour delivery.

The best selection of gaming headsets with 24 hour shipping and 3 year warranty.

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