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Gamepads Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC e Xbox

Gamepads for PlayStation 4, Computer, Nintendo Switch, or Nes. All at the best price on the market

All gamepads to play any device with the best prices on the market, with 3 years warranty and delivery in 24 hours, with shipping from Spain.

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PC Gamepad and more

Gamepads for all computers and consoles. Originals, or generic with spectacular prices.

Controllers for PS4

The PlayStation 4 console is one of the best-selling consoles in the world. Its controllers are the most sought after and at Powerplanetonline we have a large number of cheap Ps4 controllers

Official controllers, or good quality controllers manufactured at low cost to provide the greatest durability, and sensitivity at much lower prices than the originals.

We can find PS4 controllers of all colours, always finding one that suits our tastes. 

For less than €25 we can find controllers for our console with the best value for money.

Controllers for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch console is possibly the best-selling console of the moment. Models compatible with all Switches at very cheap prices.

In addition, with a large number of colours for each gamer.

Android and iOs Gamepad

Gamepads for phones, selection of controllers compatible with Android and iOs. Through 5.0 connection we will be able to play with our mobile phones or tablets with total comfort. 

Thanks to the brackets to place our mobile terminal, we will be able to play with an incredible comfort.

A small console in our hands for a very low price.

If it exists, we have it at Powerplanetonline.

Gamepad for your phone? Do you want to play with your tablet? Take control with your gamepad at the best price, and if you're in a hurry, you can have it at home in 24 hours!

To play with your smartphone one of the best options is the Ipega Gamepad. Your phone will be safe from sudden movements and you won't lose your field of vision. The grip is very strong and secure and hardly invades the phone screen

Looking for a retro gamepad? We have it too

We've told you before, if it exists, look for it here. We've got it all. From the 8bitdo Arcade gamepad, which will delight gamers of yesteryear, to the 8bitdo N30 gamepad, a replica of the controllers of the 80s and 90s. 

It's easy and simple, if you want to buy a cheap and quality gamepad, Powerplanetonline is the place to be.

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