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External hard drives

The external hard drive is the best option to free up our photo, video or music devices. With the modern hard drives we will get a great capacity, comfort in transport and design to have always at hand all our files.

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External hard drives, capacity, ease, design and price

External hard drives will provide the extra storage that we so badly need on some devices.

Thanks to the external hard drives we will be able to enjoy our devices with full capacity when we can move our files, photos, videos, or music to an external storage.

It is common to run out of memory in devices such as mobile phones, or laptops, with external hard drives we will be able to free these devices up to achieve again a smooth behavior despite the passage of time.

With the reduction of the size of the new hard drives, we will be able to have a great amount of information in very small devices, that we will be able to take to any place without hardly noticing it.

Easy to use, the current hard drives hardly require installation and are available for use just by connecting to our computer. 

Large capacity, one of the main characteristics to take into account

Thanks to the data transmission speed and current capabilities we will be able to transfer a large number of files and a lot of weight in a very short time. Thus, we will be able to free from our devices what we want to save but is taking up space.

Best brands

Among the best brands of external hard drives we find Toshiba, a brand of spectacular quality that ensures durability, speed and high capacity.

The Toshiba Canvio 1tb disc is one of the best in terms of quality and price that we can find in the market. It works with usb 3.0 that assures us great speed when we transfer the files. In addition we can find them in a great number of colors, doing of them, discs of great attractiveness and facility in the transport.

Other brand that stands out for the quality of its hard drives is Western Digital, among its best models are the Western Digital My Passport 2.5 with a striking design and low weight we will always be able to carry without effort and with the greatest comfort.

Also an exceptional brand is Seagate, highlighting its high-performance, high-capacity Seagate Expansion Desktop 4TB hard drive, an exceptional drive that requires no external power and has exceptional capacity.

New features

Some of these external hard drives incorporate features such as automatic backups. We choose the frequency with which we want them to be done and our files will always be safe.

They also incorporate security options such as passwords so that our files cannot be accessed without our permission.

All incorporate software for easy use, plug and play.

In addition, for greater convenience most of them do not need a power supply, so we can carry and use them with the greatest ease and comfort.

Incredible prices

Nowadays we can find hard drives with great capacity, above 1Tb for less than 50 €. Affordable prices with which we can acquire capacity to release all our devices.

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