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Electric Scooter Xiaomi, Cybersoul...

Electric Scooter Xiaomi, Cybersoul...

Electric scooters have become very popular in recent months in our cities. It is a clean, fast and safe means of transport, which will allow us to move around the city without suffering from traffic jams and using clean energy. The most popular models at the best price at Powerplanetonline.

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Electric scooters and electric bikes from leading brands at the best prices.

Electric scooters and bikes have become popular in recent months around cities. Their low weight, speed and ease of manoeuvrability have made them an alternative and clean way of getting around the city.

Thanks to cheap electric scooters we will be able to achieve cleaner cities with less pollution. This means of transport does not generate noise or emissions, a vital aspect in modern cities.

It is also a cheap means of transport. With a single charge we will be able to travel more than 40 kilometres.

Xiaomi scooters, a benchmark brand

We can find the scooter or electric bike that best suits our needs. From the most advanced ones like the Xiaomi scooter, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, an improved version of the best-selling electric scooter. It is the most popular, and is above all, one of the most advanced. With a weight of about 14 kilos and a range of 45 kilometres, it is the perfect choice for getting around the city.

It is considered one of the best electric scooters on the market. Due to its price, spare parts and wear and tear, it is one of the most valued by intensive users.

New models of Xiaomi scooters

Xiaomi is one of the most innovative brands in the technological world, but above all, they are a reference when it comes to scooters.

With the launch of the new Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential, the brand has managed to create a clean and economical mode of transport for less than €300.

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S is possibly the scooter with the best value for money on the market. It reaches speeds of up to 25 kilometres per hour, with a range of up to 30 kilometres

It is ideal for avoiding public transport. With a great comfort we can fold it and take it anywhere.

Electric bikes, a more comfortable alternative

Electric bikes are a more comfortable alternative for our daily lives. The possibility of being seated will provide us with greater comfort on our journeys.

They are also more robust, making them safer and easier to handle.

The new electric bicycles have a great autonomy. Moreover, they are foldable and we will be able to store them effortlessly, taking up very little space.

What should we consider when buying a scooter?

When we decide to buy a scooter we should consider a series of questions. Such as our weight, the distances we are going to travel, or the type of terrain on which we are going to move.

The most important thing to take into account is the autonomy that the scooter must have in order to be able to cover the distance we need to travel without running out of battery.

If, for example, we use it to go to work, we generally have the possibility of charging it at our workplace. This way, we won't need as much autonomy.

The territory over which we are going to use it is also of vital importance. The type of wheel differs depending on the type of road we are going to use.

In addition to our weight, which is very important, we must pay attention to the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer, we must take into account that we can carry backpacks or bags that can increase our weight.

When we decide to use this clean means of transport, we must also take this aspect into account.

Regulations for the use of electric scooters

It is important to be clear about the regulations for the use of the scooter. Please, make sure you read the current regulations of the country where you are going to use it.

For the safety of the user and the pedestrian it is very important that everyone who uses a scooter is clear about its regulations, for a proper coexistence pedestrian, electric scooter user.

Sustainable mobility

Nowadays, it is one of the most responsible ways of moving around cities, used with caution. It is vitally important to adapt cities to this new form of transport, which is cheaper, more ecological and sustainable, in order to achieve cleaner and more liveable cities in which we are more comfortable and safer.

The electric scooter can allow us the easy mobility in cities, lost and gained by cars and motorbikes. It is an opportunity to move around the city quickly, safely and cleanly.

Shipping from Spain with 3-year warranty

Cheap electric scooters and bikes with electric motors are gaining ground to traditional vehicles, in Powerplanetonline we have the best selection with the best prices, with shipping in 24 hours and 3-year warranty.

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