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Toys & Hobbies

Toys for children and adults, drones, RC cars, scooters, or games for children

This is a category dedicated to fun. In it, you will find rc cars, drones, scooters and educational games. Everything you need to have the most fun.

There are toys for children, but above all you will have the best toys for adults who love their inner child.

Drones, a universe waiting to be discovered

We still can't fly, but drones give us an idea of what it would be like. Drones with high quality vision to show unique images of places we can't get to.

A new way to see the world, to explore and, of course, to have fun. Get together with friends and let your drone and imagination fly.

The highest quality shots, now in a selection of drones from the leading brands.

We also have accessories for drones: carrying bags, batteries, cameras, goggles, or chargers. Everything you need to achieve a higher level of fun.

RC cars and boats

Radio-controlled cars or RC cars are no longer just for kids. Rediscover the pleasure of racing and making the most of your driving skills. Make impossible turns on any terrain and use your new 4x4 RC car to jump and turn.

Spend your free time in a new way with your your RC cars and boats. Yes, you read that right. You can also have a lot of fun in the wáter with radio-controlled boats.

Scooters, the best brands

In addition to being fun, scooters are for many a fast, clean and safe means of transport.

In a very short time, scooters have become an everyday element in cities. The ease with which we can move around, together with their low price and low maintenance make scooters the best alternative for transport in our days in the cities.

At Powerplanetonline we have the most important brands with the best prices on the market.

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