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Drones with camera, or without camera, for leisure or professionals at the best price on the market

In recent years, the drones have become one of the most widely used devices by lovers of photography, video and piloting in general. These are devices that ensure the greatest fun in all circumstances. The cheapest drones and the best deals at Powerplanetonline

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Cheap drones for all types of use, the best prices, quality cameras and guaranteed fun.

Camera drones are the best sellers on the market. The evolution in the quality of recording, the low weight and consumption achieved, have made the drones with high definition cameras grow in 4K and even 8K.

But also, we can find racing drones to enjoy the driving and enjoy the competition and speed that these devices provide.

The best camera drones

Among the best camera devices we find the Xiaomi brand. These devices are among the best in terms of value for money. Their high quality cameras, the ease of use they have achieved and the stability of their quads have made the brand a favourite among mid-range users looking for a high quality recording device at a low price.

Professional drones, higher recording speed, more experience and skills

In recent years new jobs have been created around these flying machines. There are more and more jobs related to this field, and people who decide to get a pilot's license to work with professional drones.

These drones are also designed to provide the pilot with more possibilities of turns and movements, but at the same time, they are devices that require more experience, skill and dexterity to be handled.

Drones Dji, the best professional drones

Dji has managed to design the best drones on the market since the beginning. His Dji Mavic model has been one of the best sellers in recent years by professional pilots looking for the greatest versatility and quality in recording.

Cheap drones, ideal to start piloting

There is a wide variety of cheap and affordable drones for every pocket in our drone catalogue. They are characterized by their versatility, are easy to handle and have quality cameras for an average user.

The most important features to consider when buying a drone. According to our needs we will think and take into account some of the most important features that our drone should have.


- GPS, necessary to indicate the exact point where we are. Thanks to the GPS we will be able to program routes, or choose to return to the starting point. Also as a security system can return to the starting point if it identifies that we have little battery to return. Also thanks to the GPS the drone may have limited access to certain areas, not being able to pass them in some cases.

- Altitude Hold function, with this function our drone will always keep the same altitude, being very useful in difficult moments such as high wind.

- Tracking mode, is one of the most innovative features and most used for example in adventure sports. The drone will follow a pickup, or our own control wherever we go. Thus, the drone will take the most appropriate direction to record our movements.

Autonomy, wide range according to our needs

Depending on our needs we will find drones with different levels of autonomy. We can find flying vehicles with only 5 minutes of autonomy, or vehicles with more than 30 minutes. In all cases it is always advisable to buy extra batteries and drone accessories to help us extend the life of our flying devices.

Racing drones, great speed and maximum fun

One discipline that has emerged with these new devices is drone racing. Many users are looking for devices capable of reaching speeds of more than 100 kilometers per hour.

These racing drones are characterized by a low weight and a greater difficulty in handling, we will demand more experience but the fun is assured.

The racing drones also provide us with a greater capacity for modification, being able to modify parts and components according to our preferences.

Children's drones, mini drones and toys

There are a variety of cheap drones for children. They are small devices that fit in our hands and are ideal to start practicing and achieve a high level of piloting. We can find drones under 20 euros with a great ease of use and resistance.

In addition, these beginner's devices usually have cheap spare parts to be able to change in case of breakage.

It is an ideal toy and gift for the little ones, fun guaranteed with these small flying devices.

Fpv drones, first-person vision

The Fpv drones will provide us with a first-person image wirelessly to our mobile phone or Goggle glasses. Some of these drones work by connecting via Wifi our mobile terminal and the device. This way, we will be able to see the camera of the drone in real time.

Buy drones at powerplanetonline, the best service

If you decide to buy your drone at Powerplanetonline we have 24 hours shipping and 3 years warranty. In addition, customer service for any questions or problems with your order.

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