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Desktop PCs

Desktop computers, the most powerful pcs for the most demanding tasks

Desktop PCs are the most powerful computers we can find, and we can customise their components to suit our needs.

Powerplanetonline offers powerful desktop computers at the best prices on the market. With 3 years warranty, delivery in 24 hours, shipping from Spain.

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Graphic card
Internal storage
Operating system (SO)
RAM Memory

Custom-designed computers

Desktop computers are designed according to our needs. Whether for work, for gaming, or for watching films or series, we can find a PC that suits our needs.

Gaming PCs, gaming power

Gaming is one of the most frequent uses of desktop computers. 

Current gaming requires computers to have a high graphics and processing capacity.

The possibility of designing our computers according to our needs assures us a pc that will be able to carry out the tasks that we are going to demand from it.

Ideal for any task

Thanks to the customisability of desktop computers, we will be able to adapt them to carry out any task.

Cheap desktop computers

If we need a cheap desktop computer, we can choose cheap components for low-demanding tasks. 

There is a large public that does not really need high power, but simply a computer for surfing the web or for office tasks. 

Desktops for our work

They are ideal for work, and their ruggedness and performance make them ideal for the most demanding tasks. Whether for photo or video editing, or for any task that requires high performance.

Desktop PCs, the best prices, maximum power

Desktop computers are the most powerful computers on the market. We have the possibility of customising them. This way, we will always get your configuration right.

The best desktop pcs, with the best prices at Powerplanetonline. In addition, shipping from Spain with delivery in 24 hours. All products with 3 years warranty.

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