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The main brands of Powerplanetonline. The most outstanding brands in the sector with the best prices in the market.

Technology brands have evolved over the years to become the most popular brands in the world.

Here is a review of the main brands that can be found at, online store of electronic products.

Xiaomi: the democratisation of technological products

Xiaomi has managed to be among the most popular brands in the world. It has managed to bring the most advanced technology to people who did not have access to it because of their budget

Products such as the latest mobile phones, drones, or smart watches with the latest features are consumed by people who until recently had no access to them because of the high price.

In a new step in the unlimited growth of the brand, its new high-end terminals can compete with any other in the sector in terms of quality.

It is one of the manufacturers with the widest product catalogue in the market. We can find drones, mobile phones, smartwatches, air purifiers or vacuum 

Huawei: quality and avant-garde design

Huawei has recently managed to rub shoulders with the most important brands in the sector. It is one of the highest turnover technology brands in the world.

Its current high range has nothing to envy to the premium range of the most traditional technology brands.

Its mobile terminals stand out because of their advanced technology, being innovative in many technologies that are then picked up by other brands.

In addition, some of its products as tablets are among the best valued for their exceptional value for money.

Huawei is currently one of the most renowned brands in the industry, with an exceptional rating.

It is one of the companies responsible for the standardisation of 5G worldwide.

Amazfit: advanced smartwatches at the best price

Although it belongs to Xiaomi, the Amazfit brand is globally known thanks to its smartwatches.

Its smarwatches and smartbands are characterized by their incredible functionalities, but also by their great design.

We will always find an Amazfit smartwatch that suits our needs. From stylish and sporty watches to the most elegant ones in the market.

All of them have the most innovative and advanced functions. Buying Amazfit is a safe bet.

Samsung: recognized quality

It is possibly the most important technological brand of the moment. We can find an infinite number of products in its catalogue. It is very difficult to find products of higher quality, reliability and resistance.

Its products are also always among the most advanced products. The launch of high-end terminals Samsung becomes an event.

It is the brand with the highest sales of televisions. The quality of viewing, its resistance and innovation have made it the brand to always take into account when choosing a new television.

In addition, its range of "S" and "Note" phones are among the best phones of all brands.

Apple: the most unique quality

The durability of its laptops is exceptional. They are capable of running for many years without lossing performance.

The entire Apple universe, everything around the brand, software, guarantees, etc., make it the most exclusive in all the sectors in which it is present.

These are the best technological products, also the most expensive ones.

Realme: a young brand coming to change the technology

Realme is a young brand that has managed in a very short time to slip into the minds of many consumers.

With the premise of advanced low-cost phones, it is reaching more and more consumers.

Its mid-range phones are among the most technologically advanced on the market, offering advanced features at a very low cost.

Teclast: tablets and laptops with the best value for money

Teclast tablets and computers have been successfully positioned in the technology market in a very short time.

Its laptops and tablets stand out for their great value for money. They are products that, with a very low price, fulfill their purpose.

Doogee: the brand of the rugged phones

Doogee has become the benchmark brand for rugged phones.

These are phones designed to withstand everything, but they also have everything that an advanced phone of today has to offer. A great rear camera configuration, power and high capacity batteries.

Doogee phones are easily recognizable by their design - phones made and designed to last.

Tronsmart: sound quality

Tronsmart is one of the most surprising brands of the moment

Its speakers have been designed to provide the best sound quality with a long range. Its great value for money places it among the best-selling sound brands.

We also find wireless bluetooth headphones with great connection capacity, functionalities and autonomy. In addition, they have gaming headphones, for the most demanding gamers.

Buy all brands, best prices at Powerplanetonline

At Powerplanetonline we can find the best brands in technology with the best prices on the market.

All our products are guaranteed for 3 years. In addition, the technology experts at Powerplanetonline will be able to solve any questions we may have when we are in the process of purchasing.

The products are sent from Spain, with delivery in 24 hours.

The best prices with the best service at Powerplanetonline.

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