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Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers, great variety with the best prices on the market. Speakers to take music anywhere with the best sound quality. The greatest variety and best prices at Powerplanetonline.

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Bluetooth speakers, Sound Quality and Voice Assistants

In recent years, Bluetooth speakers have become a must-have device in our rooms, living rooms, or parties.

With the comfort that they offer us, they will provide us with high quality audio and the ease of Bluetooth connection. The best technological brands have manufactured lightweight, high-quality speakers with which to enjoy the best music anywhere, without the need for power supply and with the ease of carrying the music on any device.

The portable wireless speakers have been designed with batteries that will allow us to take our music anywhere. With the quality of the best speakers and with reduced sizes that will allow us to take them anywhere with the greatest ease and comfort.

The Best Brands

The main technology brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Google, Jbl, Bose, or Amazon, have developed speakers to play the best music or podcast. But at the same time we will be able to give orders by voice, and even give instructions and receive answers such as the weather, news, or sports results.

Among the most popular are the Google Home Mini speakers, a smart speaker, such as the Amazon Echo, with Alexa, which we can give instructions to and play, for example, Spotify songs.

Smart speakers that, in addition to playing music, will inform us of the latest news or the state of the traffic.

Cheap Bluetooth Speakers

Nowadays, speakers with Bluetooth connection and a memory card slot are available on the market for very little money.

Brands such as Jbl have designed cheap portable speakers for about 20 euros. These will allow us to listen to our music, podcast, or any sound anywhere and with great quality.

From very little money we will find smart speakers that besides playing music we will be able to connect with the main voice assistants like Alexa, or Google Assistant.+

Other brands such as Tronsmart have launched waterproof speakers on the market, with great design, power and sound quality that we will be able to take to the swimming pool, beach or mountains.

The Design of the NewApeakers

Design is one of the strengths of the new audio devices. These are ideal for placing in any part of the house, decorating our rooms at the same time.

We will be able to find them in countless shapes and colours, round, square, cylindrical, red, blue, yellow, pink... we will find the shape and colour that best suits our needs.

Smart, High-quality Wireless Speakers

The new bluetooth, smart and wireless speakers will provide us with the best sound, but at the same time, they will give us information such as news, weather, or they will play songs on Spotify.

A great leap forward, in connectivity and sound quality. Quality and variety with the best price on the market.

Buy bluetooth speakers at Powerplanetonline

When buying bluetooth speakers at Powerplanetonline, we get the best and most specialised customer service. 

In addition, all products have a 3-year warranty. We have our own repair service.

So that we can enjoy our wireless bluetooth speakers as soon as possible, shippings are made from Spain, with urgent delivery within 24 hours.

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