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Black Shark

Black Shark, the brand of the gamers, power, autonomy and design with delivery in 24 hours and 3 years warranty.

Black Shark has become the brand of the most demanding players. But it is also a brand that provides us with terminals with the best technology, camera, screen and sound. A smartphone to enjoy the best multimedia content.

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Black Shark the brand of gamers, incredible power with incredible design

The Black Shark phones are designed to provide the most power, range and resistance for playing the most demanding games on the market.

Power, one of its distinctive features

The brand has managed to position itself as one of the leading brands in gaming devices. Gamers are becoming more and more popular and Black Shark is one of the leading brands in the development of the best gamers.

They are manufactured with batteries that allow long hours of entertainment. But in addition, the construction of these terminals includes processors and RAM memories that ensure the fluidity of even the most powerful and demanding games.

Artificial intelligence to achieve the best games

Thanks to the artificial intelligence which learns from us, performance will be improved daily. From the system, to the sound, to the screen, to the cameras can be improved depending on the environment.

An immersive experience

The entire design of the phone has been thought through to achieve the most attractive and immersive experience possible. Light, sound and LEDs are synchronized for an incredible gaming experience.

Liquid cooling, a distinctive element

Some of their best phones are liquid-cooled. Designed to ensure hours of play without suffering from device performance problems due to overheating. Everything has been designed to ensure the best performance while playing the most powerful games.

Rookie Kit Gamepad

Black Shark has developed some controllers that we can adapt to the Black Shark 2. With these controllers we will be able to have a better game experience. It offers us a better grip, protection for our phone, and fully configurable buttons.

Black Shark, a brand of phones of the highest power and design

The Black Shark are mobile devices that guarantee us everything we need to enjoy our best games.

But they also are equipped for the best pictures, battery durability and design. Spectacular smartphones with the best price in the market, shipping in 24 hours and 3 years warranty at Powerplanetonline.

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