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Deals Smartphones Black Friday 2022

Black Friday 2022 is going to be awesome! The best discounts and deals on mobiles phones from the best brands.

Best Black Friday 2022 Smartphones Deals

The most searched categories!

Smartphones deals Xiaomi Black Friday

If you are considering taking advantage of one of the Black Friday offers to buy a mobile phone on sale, you are in the right place. Xiaomi mobiles are known for their value for money and great features. They have nothing to envy about devices such as Samsung or Oneplus in Xiaomi's top range. The high-end and mid-range models for Xiaomi Black Friday mobile phone offers are the most sought-after models. The latest model, the Xiaomi 12 is a very high-quality phone with a cutting-edge design and a professional camera. The Xiaomi 12 strikes the perfect balance between power, as it has the latest-generation Snapdragon processor and a simple design in the purest Xiaomi style.
The mid-range is led by the Redmi series, especially the Redmi Note 11, which in its Pro version features 5G technology and a super-powerful battery that will last much longer than you might have imagined. 

Deals Smartphones Xiaomi Black Friday

Smartphones deals Samsung Black Friday

Samsung mobiles are an icon of technology, design and quality in all their devices. Leaders for years in the manufacture and design of high-quality mobiles, they have a wide range of models. In recent years they have been among the first to release mobiles with such daring designs as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. These are phones with a screen that can be folded like a clamshell and the features of a high-end mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy S are the top of the range of Samsung smartphones, an offer on these models is a great saving, as prices tend to be around 900-1000€ on the latest models. They are ideal for people who use their mobile phones for work as they have a pen or stylus so they can write and annotate directly on the screen.
Samsung's mid-range is made up of the M and A series. Power and performance with all-day battery life.

Smartphones deals Samsung Black Friday

iphone deals Black Friday

Apple mobiles, known to all as iPhones, are the most sought-after and desired phones on the market. The most remarkable thing about iPhones is the magnificent camera they have both during the day and at night. Since the beginning of the iPhones, the photos taken by these phones have always been of the highest quality, and there are even professional photographers who use them to take certain types of pictures. 
In addition to the cameras, iPhones have usability and processors that are completely different from other brands' phones. They are fast, don't get hot and have a unique design and feel. They say that if you try an iPhone, you become an iPhone lover. Are you willing to give it a try?

iphone deals Black Friday

Oneplus deals smartphones Black Friday

The Oneplus brand was born with an exclusivity never seen before in mobile phones. You could only access the purchase of one of the terminals with an invitation, which made them the most desired object of the moment. Was it worth it? Yes, the Oneplus phones are high-performance phones, ideal for playing games and spending long hours with them. A killer battery, processors with impeccable performance, lightweight and a camera that has been rated as one of the best in recent years. The new Oneplus models always live up to expectations. These phones last for years, as the processor and memory that they mount, allow them to continue moving new applications, even if the terminal is not the latest model. Do you want a terminal for the next few years? Don't keep looking at other brands and take advantage of the Oneplus Black Friday mobile phone offers!

Oneplus smartphones deals Black Friday

Huawei deals smartphones Black Friday

Huawei mobiles belong to a Chinese multinational company focused on the manufacture of consumer electronic devices and smartphones, among many other technologies. Their mobiles stand out for their high quality, power, variety and features. Huawei has different ranges, from terminals with lower prices to a high range. Some of its features to highlight are great autonomy, photographic quality, its own Kirin chips and its own operating system. Huawei terminals, from the end of 2019, do not have Google but incorporate HarmonyOS, an operating system created by Huawei, compatible with Android applications. Its latest launches are the Huawei P50 Pocket, with a foldable design, and the Huawei P50 Pro, the smartphone catalogued as the king of photography. If you love the brand, take advantage of the Black Friday discounts and get yours!

Huawei smartphones deals Black Friday

Realme deals smartphones Black Friday

Realme mobiles are devices with high-quality finishes and powerful performance. Realme has only been on the market for a few years since it was founded in 2018, but it has been positioning itself to compete with brands such as Xiaomi and Honor. The brand is mainly known for its mobile phones, it is committed to being a brand for young people, with a style and design that follows market trends at affordable prices. Realme has mobile phones of different ranges, in its low range, we find the Realme C mobiles, in its mid-range the Realme Narzo and Realme 8, and in its mid-high range the Realme GT series.

Realme smartphones deals Black Friday

Blackview deals smartphones Black Friday

Blackview mobile phones are all-rounders with affordable price tags that have carved out a niche in the market, especially in their range of ruggedised smartphones. Blackview has a wide range of devices, highlighting its offer of rugged or ruggedized phones among which are the Blackviews BV and Blackview Oscal. A rugged phone means that it is a normal mobile phone, but much more resistant, as some of them have military certification and IP68 certification against dust particles and liquids. Blackview also has its Blackview A series, mid-range smartphones with very economical performance and quality finishes.

Blackview smartphones deals Black Friday

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