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Apple is one of the most innovative companies on the market, which designs and produces electronic products, its own software and online services. Among its most outstanding products are its mobile phones iPhone, its tablets iPads and its laptops Macbooks.

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Innovation, power and design

Apple is an American company specialising in technology equipment, software and online services. It is one of the best known companies in the market and a leader in its sector. Apple has outstanding products such as its iPhone mobile phones, iPad tablets, Apple Watch smartwachs, AirPods headphones, among many other products.

Its own iOS software, present in all its devices, makes its products stand out from the competition thanks to its good data synchronisation system, data storage in the cloud and optimisation

Apple is constantly innovating and presenting new products. It has a wide variety of products and ranges. Among its iPhones are the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and its latest release, the iPhone 13. All its ranges have their iPhone models, the iPhone Pro and iPhone Max, in which the main difference is the size of the smartphone and some specifications.

Apple's other flagship product is its iPad tablets, the models of which are differentiated by generation. The 7th generation was launched in 2019, followed by the 8th generation in 2020 and the 9th generation, their latest release in 2021. Its iPad portfolio is divided into iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro 2021. Apple also has its own computers, both laptops with the MacBook and all-in-one PCs, the iMac. The latter stand out for their tower-less, super-powerful design.

Or what does Apple stand for or logo?

It is said that Steve Jobs opted for the apple logo as a tribute to Alan Turing, a British mathematician who cracked the secret code of the Nazis in World War II. World War, an act that was key to stopping the war and saving millions of lives.

It is also said that he decided on a bitten apple under the motto “eat the apple of knowledge”, so thatthere would be no confusion with the chosen fruitand it would not be confused with a cherry or another fruit.

How has the Apple logo evolved?

Apple has changed the design of its logo on several occasions, introducing small changes in aesthetics and colors, but maintaining the apple. Currently the Apple logo is one of the most recognizable worldwide.

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