Pay in installments and finance your purchase

Do you want to pay your phone in installments?

No sooner said than done!

Choose Paga+Tarde as payment method, by card or through PayPal, and you will be able to choose the installment plan to pay it little by little. Forget about paperwork and finance your purchase easily, simply and immediately!

This payment method is only available in Spain, including the peninsula, the islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Thanks to Paga+Tarde you can choose up to 24 installments. You will be able to confirm the installments once you have chosen one of these two payment methods and clicked on confirm the purchase.

How does Paga+Tarde work?

It is essential to have a card in your name. To proceed with the financing just follow these simple steps:

The method Paga+Tarde is very simple. You can divide the total amount of your order in 3, 6, 12 or 24 monthly installments at the time of finalizing the order.

Thanks to Paga+Tarde you can choose paying in installments by card or through your PayPal account, with an APR of 30% to be paid divided by the selected installments.

Step 1 – Choose the installment plan option

During the purchase process, in the third and last screen, "Identification and Payment" you will only have to select the option Finance your purchase with Paga+Tarde, which appears just below the Payment Method, and click on Confirm Purchase.

Step 2 – Choose your installments

To use Paga+Tarde you don't need to register anywhere. Simply choose the number of installments (by clicking on the buttons with the symbols "more" and "less") and they will be automatically recalculated. In addition, we will need some of your personal data to ensure the security of your purchase, but do not worry! Some of them will be automated if you had previously inserted them on the website. Everything is quick and easy. After choosing the installment plan, fill in the data at the bottom and accept by clicking on the green button.

Step 3 – Payment confirmation

After verifying if the information of your purchase is correct, the installments and the foreseen dates of the next payments, you will have to introduce the data of your debit card or your PayPal account and press the "Pay" button to finish the process. In a matter of seconds you will know if it has been approved. You can enjoy now your purchase!

When do I make my first payment with Paga+Tarde?

The first installment will be made immediately after the purchase is completed. Until the order is confirmed, there will be no reservation of the products in the order.

After the first installment you will be automatically charged month by month.

The best thing is that you can modify the plan whenever you want, without additional costs. You can pay the full amount of your purchase when you want, without having to complete the agreed monthly payment plan. 

What do I need to finance with Paga+Tarde?

Absolutely nothing. No paperwork! You only need the DNI or NIE and the card where you want to direct the direct debit for the rest of the payments. If you want to pay through PayPal you only need to have a card linked to your PayPal account.

What can I finance?

You can finance your mobile phone, choose an installment plan for your computer or even your home appliances. We do not have a minimum order. Shopping at powerplanet is easy and simple!

Financing your online purchases is now safer than ever. Paga+Tarde is a leader in the online financing sector, trusted by millions of satisfied customers.

Do not hesitate any longer and finance the online purchase of your home and electronics products at

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